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Weekly Individual Tutoring

Would you like to work with a Writing and Reading Tutor in Weekly Individual tutoring sessions (appointments) for the winter 2016 quarter?

Click here to fill out a Weekly Individual Tutoring Request Form.

Provide the information below, and we will share your phone/email and class info with the tutor whose schedule works with yours.

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If you have questions, please email the WRC team:


Weekly Individual Tutoring provides weekly one-hour sessions with the same tutor for the entire fall, winter, or spring quarter. Weekly Individual Tutoring will begin in week 3 or 4 of the quarter. Drop In Tutoring (no appointment--first come, first served) will begin week 2. Please use Drop In Tutoring while you wait to be contacted by a Weekly Individual Tutor.

*Priority for Weekly Individual is given to students enrolled in classes below EWRT 1A or ESL 5 and students using EDC/DSS services. Tutoring for transfer-level courses is limited and subject to availability. If you have questions, please email the WRC team:




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