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There is a wealth of material waiting for students wanting to practice their English online. Here are just a few sites you will want to check out!


Dave's ESL Cafe

This is my top choice for online grammar practice sites created by Professor Pritchard for all of us to enjoy! Check it out!

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Find out all you want to know about sentence level grammar, paragraph structure, and essay writing. Better than a grammar book with practice quizzes and short lessons.

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Lots of things to do here: games, quizzes, listening, vocabulary and more

ESL Partyland
This is a great resource for teachers and students with tons of excellent conversation practice activities, grammar resources and anything else you might need. The site is well organized and easy to navigate.

Lonely Planet
Where would you like to travel? Plan the vacation of your dreams!

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

The English Club
Check out The Learning English Video Project on this site which explores the best way to teach and learn English by visiting schools around the world. In addition, The English Club a very useful site for both teachers and students with lots of good resources.

Simply Scripts
Find your favorite radio, television, movie, musical or any other kind of script right here. This is a valuable resource!

ESL Games
There are a lot of useful games on this site, and the ones I like best are The Jeopardy Quiz Show games that come complete with music and an audience that applauds when you get the right answer and groans when you make a mistake. You can find these games in the classroom section. The site also links to a lot of advertising so you have to search a bit sometimes to stay with the free activities.

The list was originally created by MaryAnne Ifft.

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