Lab Journal

A Lab Journal is a short reflection (250 words minimum) about how you will use the information from the lab activity to enhance your college or career experience.

Writing a journal lets you think through events, activities, and experience in the following ways:

  • Write about an important change that happened after participating in the lab activity. Explain if the change was positive or negative and why.
  • Compare and contrast your current study habits with one you learned about in the lab activity.
  • Describe your current study strategies, explain what is the most helpful and important to you, and write about new insights and knowledge gained from the lab activity.

Journal Example:

Type of Lab: Internet Workshop

Topic of Lab: Memory & Concentration

How will I apply what I learned to my courses?

 I have been doing my Internet Workshop labs in order of my personal interest but I must say this particular lab turned out to be surprisingly effective at helping me realize that I do have memory and concentration problems. I don't think I have ADD like some of my friends, but there is a lot of room for improvement, and these tips helped.

 I was very impressed when I did the activity, and I only remembered 6 of the 12 items I was supposed to list. I realized that sometimes, although I consider myself as reading, I may overlook many details of the material. Sometimes I find myself reading the same sentences several times to understand them but now I know that it is due to my lack of concentration and memory deficiency.

 First, I will get rid of all the distractions in my surroundings. I learned in this workshop that even the smallest distraction can ruin a study session. Since this is my case, I will make sure that from now on I will keep my distractions to the minimum. I have noticed that when I study how I tend to often interrupt my studying sessions so I try to stay at the college library to minimize my distractions. I also need to basically turn off my phone. Nowadays, young adults like me, and I admit it, are very addicted to Facebook, Youtube, etc. so it is a huge factor to interrupt my concentration.

 Second, since I get distracted so easily, I am going to start rewarding myself. I know we shouldn’t reward ourselves for something we have to do such as studying and homework but I’m sure it’ll boost my enthusiasm and eventually will get into the habit.

Lastly, if I adapt some of the ten tactics shown in this lab on a daily basis it will be reflected in how I execute in my classes. I guess it is not as hard to concentrate as we think because it is in our hands to make positive changes. I promise I will have a more positive attitude and review regularly to make my student life more pleasant!

Journal Example:

Type of Lab: Skills Workshop

Topic of Lab: Time Management

How will I apply what I learned to my courses?

 I went to the time management workshop and it actually was kind of fun. The presenter had a good sense of humor, and I got to know a guy who is in my Accounting class and is pretty nice. I had to promise him that I would do one thing differently, and what I chose is Make a To Do List.

 First, I will use a schedule with detailed information where I will include all the deadlines, quizzes, important dates and extracurricular activities. This will help me organize my time, ideas, thoughts and will encourage me to use my time wisely by strictly following each task until completion. Sometimes I try to keep this all in my head, but Itend to be disorganized so this will help me follow a pattern to accomplish my goals.

 After I create my quarterly schedule I want to assess and plan the amount of work I will have each week to estimate how long it will take me to complete my tasks. By estimating the time I will need I can arrange and rearrange these tasks by importance. Identifying my priorities will help me accommodate my schoolwork into my daily life activities.

 I did not realize how much time I waste until I took the quizzes in the workshop activities, and I admit that by using some the strategies given, such as managing to lower my distractions, get rid of my time wasters, and use waiting time will improve my quality as a student. All these techniques can be applied to help me organize myself before I start my day. After attending this workshop I realize that I need to take a step back and balance my daily tasks, sometimes I tend to spend more time doing chores at home and running errands. Growing up brings along more responsibilities so it is necessary and crucial learning how to use time efficiently because time is one of the hose tings that can’t stop and isn’t reversible.

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