Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic Planning Initiative

Initial Stories

Below are links to the nine stories created at our two-day strategic planning meeting held May 11 and 12, 2006. The stories are identified by their newspaper headings.

The Steering Committee made an attempt to pull out themes that were consistant across stories. These themes were used to form the Transformation Initiatives (TIs) that will be the college's initial future story.

Preliminary story themes:

  1. Focus on attracting under-represented student populations (primarily Latinos and 60+).
  2. Focus on remediation/readiness primarily through more mentoring (including linking seniors with traditional college-age students), community outreach (including business and K-12 partnerships), and better coordination within De Anza (counseling, Financial Aid, etc.).
  3. Make/continue a commitment to sound environmental practices.
  4. Use technology to support 1-3 above, especially by making courses and student services more readily available and flexible. Many talked about an "anytime, anywhere" campus or "24/7" offerings.
  5. Develop partnerships with the community to allow us to better accomplish 1-4 above.

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Strategic Planning Initiative
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