Student Success and Support Program

SSSP-Student Equity-BSI

SSSP Overview

The Student Success Act of 2012 (SB 1456), now known as the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), is the first step to begin implementation of Student Success Task Force recommendations. This bill provides a policy framework that targets funding to the core matriculation services of orientation, assessment, counseling and advising, and development of education plans. The bill re-names the Matriculation program as the Student Success and Support Program. Implementation began in fall 2014.


The goal of the Student Success and Support Program (formerly matriculation) is to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives through the assistance of the student-direct components of the student success and support program process: admissions, orientation, assessment and testing, counseling, and student follow-up.

  • To increase community college student access and success by providing effective core services.
  • To ensure student equity in assessment, student services, and access to college resources.
  • To provide a foundation for students to achieve their educational goals. 
  • Orientation
  • Assessment
  • Counseling/Advising
  • Education Planning
  • Follow-up for at-risk students 
Funding Formula

In accordance with SB 1456, the formula to allocate funds for the Student Success & Support Program includes the following elements:

  • The number of students to receive services.
  • The number of students who received orientation; assessment; counseling, advising, and other educational planning services; and follow up for atā€risk students.
  • Districts are required to contribute a 2:1 matching fund for the SSSP. 

Funding formula and timelines


MIS Quarterly Report - Spring 2016

SSSP Funding Request Form

2015-16 De Anza College SSSP Year End Expenditure Report 

SSSP Update -- May 18, 2015

SSSP Core Services and Academic Achievement Report

SSSP 2015-2016 Plan and Budget

SSSP 2014-15 Report & 2015-16 Plan Overview


De Anza College SSSP Approval Letter


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Budget plan

SSSP Handbook 

3SP funding chart

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Student Success and Support Program
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