Sankofa Scholars

Sankofa Scholars Program

Welcome to the Sankofa Scholars Program

The Sankofa program is based on an African-centered philosophy that enables students to see themselves within a positive historical and cultural context. Sankofa services remain available through Student Success and Retention Services for students enrolled in 2014-15.

The academic portion of the program is being restructured during 2015-16. 



The Sankofa Scholars Program is open to all students and is specifically designed to address the retention, persistence and success of African ancestry students. The overall goal is to provide students with a wide variety of resources and tools to assist them in achieving their academic objectives.



  • Integrated instruction and student services
  • Course clustering for program participants
  • Individualized educational planning
  • Personal counseling
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Academic tutoring
  • Conference attendance
  • Various academic enrichment workshops
  • Attendance at conferences and cultural events
  • The Sankofa Scholars Program focuses on providing instruction, and academic/ retention support services while emphasizing the social, and cultural dynamics of African Ancestry students at De Anza College

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The De Anza chapter of Umoja has taken the name, Sankofa Scholars, to celebrate the West African word and symbol that means “we must go back and reclaim our past, in order to understand why and how we came to be who we are today.” The Sankofa bird is looking back as it goes forward, symbolizing the necessity of recognizing and appreciating our past as we plan for the future.

Sankofa Scholars
Location: Student and Community Services Building

Last Updated: 8/20/15