Speech Communication Department

Student Testimonials

Students find many benefits in taking speech courses.

  • "After my first speech class I realized that Speech Communication is the key to success in all areas of my life. No matter how much knowledge or skills I will gain in my personal or professional life, without the ability to communicate it can't be shared and without the ability to listen, I won't be successful." -Sharon Rose, De Anza Alumni

  • "Speech Communication makes you more valuable to your business, family and relationships.  It makes you more sensitive to other people. It is fun, not scary." - Chris Costanzo, De Anza Student, Speech Communication Major, Debate Team Member 

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Speech Department Co-Chairs

Contact: Matt Abrahams
Phone: 408.864.8547
Office: F31H

Contact: Donna Stasio
Phone: 408.864.8882
Office: F31A


Last Updated: 8/11/14