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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join The De Anza Speech and Debate Club:

10.   You can travel to tournaments and see exotic places like Stockton and Fresno!

9.   You'll be following in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and Adam Sandler (who all did speech and debate in college.

8.   You can put it on your resume and impress people.

7.   You can earn up to 4 units of credit by enrolling in Speech 78.

6.   Where else can you argue about U.S. foreign policy with North Korea?

5.   When people ask you for your opinion, you'll have so much to say that they'll be bowing at your feet, begging for mercy.

4.   When you debate your instructors, the rest of the class will be nodding and thinking "Oooohh...that's a good point!"

3.   No more speech anxiety!  100% more confidence!

2.   You get to learn methods of sophistry so you'll always win arguments with family and friends.

1.   It's just good, clean fun!

Even if you aren't compelled by these reasons, don't hesitate to join us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:10pm in L35. We'll be practicing parliamentary debate as well as individual speaking events in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

If you have any questions, please call 408-864-8799 or e-mail krameralex@deanza.edu.

Posting April 17 2007

With the competitive season already starting to wind down, and with most of our dollars spent, it's time for some reflection. Here are some of the highlights from this past year.

Fall quarter brought a new slate of club officers and a mostly new group of excited club members, eager to test their skills in competition. After much practice and preparation, four club members headed off to the University of the Pacific for the Paul Winters Invitational tournament. After six rounds of competition, Will Chamberlain and Daniel Baskind earned a 3-3 record in junior parliamentary debate, and Tai Bui and Nathan Mertz (attending their first tournament) went 2-4 in novice parliamentary debate. Although this kept the club from earning any trophies, both of these teams debated well and were competitive in their respective divisions.

After recovering from the holiday break, the club started practicing right away in preparation for the Northern California championship tournament, held at Diablo Valley College in Concord. Six club members attended, with Brian Marquez, H.D. Vo, Nathan Mertz, and Steve Gulbrandson competing in Novice Parliamentary Debate, and Brier Buchalter and Wayne Kim competing in junior Parliamentary debate. Nathan, Steve, Brian, and H.D. also competed in novice impromptu speaking. Unfortunately, history would repeat itself, and the club once again narrowly missed advancing to the elimination rounds. However, Steve Gulbrandson, attending his first tournament, was awarded a 2nd place individual speaker award for his performance in parliamentary debate. Congratulations Steve! 

With these two tournaments completed, the club is now far richer in experience, but also sadly far poorer in funds. So, the rest of spring quarter will be spent fundraising and practicing for next season. There will also be one more chance for competition at the Spring Fling tournament hosted by Ohlone College at the end of April. This is a novice only tournament that is great for newer members who want to test their legs. In addition, the club is working with members of the Foothill speech and debate team on the third annual Speech and Debate Showcase event to be held in May/June. More details will be posted soon.

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