Speech Communication Department

Why Study Speech Communication?

The Speech Communication Department at De Anza College offers a range of opportunities to study in the field of Speech Communication. 

Whether you want to personally develop confidence, improve communication skills, increase career success, complete g.e. requirements, participate in Speech and Debate, obtain a Speech Communication Certificate, or major in Speech Communication — our program allows you to meet your own personal needs.

Getting Started

Always check course prerequisites, corequisites and advisories when planning your schedule of classes.

Plan well in advance to submit your prerequisite clearance request if you think you've already met the prerequisite requirement through another college.


What Our Students Say

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Matt Abrahams

Speech Communication Co-Chair

Office: F31H


Shagun Kaur
Speech Communication Co-Chair

Office: F31-C


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Program Spotlight

De Anza's award-winning Facilitator Training Program provides students hands-on training in the art and science of facilitation.


Students learn planning, managing and leadership skills to maximize the effectiveness of meetings, conferences and other group events.


Learn more about our fun and engaging student facilitator training program!


Speech Department Co-Chairs

Contact: Matt Abrahams
Phone: 408.864.8547
Office: F31H

Contact: Shagun Kaur
Phone: 408.864.8381
Office: F31C


Last Updated: 4/24/15