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Q.  I want to offer a distance learning or hybrid class, what is the process?
A.  In order to offer a class as a distance learning or hybrid, the course must first be approved by the Curriculum Committee for distance learning or hybrid. Please contact the Curriculum Office ( to check if your course has distance learning and/or hybrid approval.

Q.  What is an MSI form?
A.  An MSI form is used by the Scheduling Office to process any changes for a class, example of changes may include room, instructor, class date, class time, and load.

Q.  Where is the MSI form?
A.  The MSI form can be obtained from the Scheduling Office and on this web site, click here to download the form.  The form can be completed and submitted electronically, no hard copy print out is needed.

Q.  Who completes the MSI form? 
A.  Although MSI form is typically completed by division schedulers, it can be filled out by any De Anza faculty or staff; however, the MSI form would not be processed by the Scheduling Office unless it is signed and approved by the division dean.  

Q. When do I need to complete an MSI form?
A. An MSI is needed depending on the dates that are published on the Scheduler Timeline for each term. These dates can be found at, Scheduler Timeline. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Between the dates of “Banner Forms Changed to ‘Update’” and the “Schedule being posted to the web”
    • Changes to rooms, days and/or times need to be sent to the Scheduling Coordinator directly.
    • Changes to instructors or seat counts can be made at the Schedulers end.
  • Between the dates of the “Schedule being posted to the web” and the “Contract Letters Running”
    • Changes to rooms, days and/or times need to be sent via an MSI to
    • Changes to instructors or seat counts can be made at the Schedulers end.
  • After the date of the “Contract Letters Running” – ALL changes except seat counts need to be sent via an MSI to

Q.  Why does the Scheduling Office close off the Banner screen?
A.  Banner screen must be closed off for room resolution and faculty contracts to be issued.  If Banner is not closed off, the class and pay data would frequently change, thereby resulting in wrong faculty contract and confusion in classroom spaces. 

Q.  Why is the MSI form so complicated to understand and complete?

A.  It is not the Scheduling Office's intention to make the MSI form complicated, the form contains minimal required information that is needed to process the changes in Banner.  Depending on the type of change you are trying to make, not all fields on the MSI need to be completed, see the link on left hand side for MSI examples.

Q.  What is the process for adding a brand new class that does not have any existing sections after the schedule is built and published?  
A.  Complete an MSI for the new class. Authorization from the VP of Instruction is required if the MSI is submitted within 30 days prior to the start of the quarter. The state requires colleges to advertise and market all classes to new students for an adequate amount of time.





If you have any questions on how to properly complete an MSI form please contact the Scheduling Office for assistance.  MSI form is only available in an electronic format, click  here to download an MSI Form.



Last Updated: 10/15/14