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Winter 2015 Classes

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Winter classes are underway but we have a few late starting classes that may be open. Check out the list below of short classes for credit in Environmental Studies and (California) History. Then register for the course in MyPortal before the first day of the class.

If a class is full, you may attend the first day of class to get an add code from the instructor if there is room in the class. If the class is online, contact the instructor by e-mail.

Not a current student? Apply for winter and register for late starting classes.

For complete details for a course, please check the winter schedule of classes.

ES 58 Introduction to Green Building (CLAS)

CRN: 33009  E S -058.-55L, 1 Unit
Class meets one weekend on Saturday, March 14, and Sunday, March 15.
Course Description: An overview of strategies to implement a green building project within your organization. The strategies include model green building policy and guidelines including LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), assembling a green team, assessing the impact of construction and buildings on society, and an overview of key stakeholders in the construction field.
Time: 10:30 AM-04:20 PM
Days: SU
Instructor: DEPPEN, DAVID
Location: KC115

ES 64 AB 32 (CA Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006) (CLAS)

CRN: 33005  E S -064.-55, 1 Unit
Class meets for 6 weeks on Tuesdays, from Jan. 27 to March 3.  Field trips outside class time may be required for this class.
Course Description: An overview of California's Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, AB 32. The course also includes an overview of strategies to implement this act within an organization and a look at the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by three percent per year.
Time: 12:30 PM-02:20 PM
Days: M
Location: KC112

ES 073: Electric Motors and Drives (CLAS)

CRN: 32980 E S -073.-55, 1 Unit
Class meets on campus Tuesdays, Feb. 3  to Feb. 24
Course Description: Examines the opportunities for lowering energy consumption through energy-efficient motors and motor controls, including an introduction to the technology of high efficiency motors and variable frequency drives. Techniques to increase current carrying capacity, improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electric bills will be discussed. (One out-of-class field trip may be required for this course.)
Days/Time: T 5:30 PM-8:20 PM
Location: KC113

ES 075: Electric Power Systems (CLAS)

CRN: 33018 E S -075.-55, 1 Unit
Class meets on campus Thursdays, March 3 to March 26
Course Description: An introduction to electric power systems, focusing on distribution components such as transformers, switch gear, distribution panels, and wiring. Power systems analysis, preventive maintenance, and record keeping techniques will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on opportunities within a facilities distribution system to save energy, increase equipment life, and reduce unscheduled outages. (One out-of-class field trip may be required for this course.)
Days/Time: TH 5:30 PM-8:20 PM
Instructor: CELIO, RICHARD
Location: KC113

ES 80: California Field Studies (CLAS)

CRN: 33017 E S -080.-55L, 1 Unit
Class meets on campus Thursday, March 12, and then for field trips on Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15.
Course Description: Field observation of California's native plants and animals in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, with an emphasis on endangered, rare, protected and reintroduced species. The underlying social, economic and political issues associated with habitat and species loss will be discussed, as well as impacts on various cultural, ethnic and socio-economic groups. (Out-of-class field trips may be required.)
Days/Time: TH 5:30 PM-7:20 PM, SU 8:30 AM-05:20 PM
Location: KC239

ES 95: Introduction to Environmental Careers (CLAS)

CRN: 33008  E S -095.-95, 1 Unit
Class meets for 7 weeks on Mondays, Jan. 26 to March 9. (February 16 is a holiday.) Field trips may be required for this class.
Course Description: Learn about saving the planet through environmental careers, including ecosystem management, restoration ecology, corridors ecology, energy management technology, environmental stewardship, environmental education, watershed management, environmental law, pollution prevention and more. Opportunities for internships and employment in business, industry, public agencies, academia and nonprofit agencies will be explored. Students will prepare an academic plan for their two- or four-year degree, certificate or workplace.
Time: 02:30 PM-04:20 PM
Days: T
Location: KC112

The following courses will be offered Winter 2015 through the California History Center.

  • Point Lobos to Silverado: The Stevensons in California
  • Bay Area Earthquakes: Destruction and Renewal
  • Architects of the Arts and Entertainment Industries in Silicon Valley.

See CHC website for course descriptions and details with start dates.

ES 70A: Orientation to Lifetime Fitness (TBA)

CRN: 33476  P E -070A-64Z, 2 Unit 
ONLINE CLASS: Starts Monday, Feb. 16. Ends Friday, March 27.
Course Description: Introduction to fitness, wellness and lifestyle management. Students will examine current theories of health and fitness with emphasis on how wellness and personal fitness are affected by genetics, gender, and age. Each student will perform pre-assessment and post-assessment tests of their own cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Lifestyle changes will be emphasized and behavior change tools that promote healthy choices will be discussed. Instruction on proper exercise techniques will be demonstrated.
Time: TBA
Days: TBA
Location: TBA

Course Note: Students must concurrently enroll in PE71.64. (CRN: 33475). Students must have access to a computer, the Web and an individual e-mail address. Information on REQUIRED orientation available at Students must concurrently enroll in PE 071.64 and use the Wellness Center on campus to complete the required hours.


Schedule of Classes
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