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When and How to View Final Grades 

Timeline for Viewing Grades

Or  Why can't I see my grades now even though my instructor has submitted them in MyPortal?

During each term, final grades are submitted by faculty through the MyPortal system within the week after final exams.


However, several "roll up" steps must occur before final grades and calculation of GPAs are available for students to view inside MyPortal.


Once the "roll up" process is complete, all students may view grades via the View Grades and View Unofficial Transcript links on the MyPortal Registration tab under My Records.

Final Grades Available 2nd Sunday AFTER Finals Week

Normally final grades will be available to view in MyPortal by the second Sunday after finals week.


If you need to know a final grade for a prerequisite course or for any other reason before that, review the FAQs section on this page.


See policies for information about the Grading System, Changes & Definitions.


Log in to MyPortal to see your grades.

Steps to View Final Grades

NOTE: Your final grades should be available starting the second Sunday after finals week.

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. CLICK on the Registration tab
  3. FIND My Records section
  4. CLICK View My Grades
  5. SELECT a Term > CLICK Submit
  6. You should see your most recent class grades and De Anza undergraduate summary with overall GPA.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you think you should be able see your grades but you can't, please complete the A & R Help Form for assistance.


TRANSCRIPTS: Find out how to get your official and unofficial transcripts.




Q. I am currently taking a class that serves as a prerequisite for another course. Can I register for the next course level for the upcoming term?

A. Yes, you may register for the next level course with the assumption that you will receive a passing grade for the course. If you do not pass the class, you will be dropped once grades have been posted.


Q. If I can't view my grades in MyPortal yet, how can I find out if I passed the prerequisite course so that I know I can continue to the next level when the quarter starts?

A. If you do not pass the prerequisite course, once the grade is posted by your instructor, you will be sent an e-mail notification that you were dropped from the next level course. You may then register to retake the class that you did not pass. If you are having trouble registering for the repeat class, complete the A & R Help Form.


Q. Based on the grade that I received from my instructor, I was incorrectly dropped from a prerequisite course. Who do I contact to fix this?

A. Contact the Assessment Office by completing the A & R Help Form with the specifics of the problem you've encountered.


Q. I need to provide my final grades to a third party before the date when the grades will be available for me to see inside MyPortal? What can I do? 

A. Contact the Admissions and Records Office by completing the A & R Help Form with a specific request for grades and the reason you need them. Some schools will allow interim proof of your grade before the transcripts are available. Check with your professor if s/he will provide you with grade information.

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