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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I view my date to register?

Your date and time to register for classes is

available in MyPortal a few weeks before the registration period begins for the upcoming term.


The Registration Status screen in MyPortal will display the earliest time and date that you can register for classes at the campus (De Anza or Foothill) to which you are admitted.


What determines my date to register?
  • Your student status at De Anza: new, continuing or former, and full-time or part-time student
  • Your association with a priority group identified by the State Chancellor's office
  • Your completion of steps for priority enrollment
  • Total number of units completed at De Anza
  • Your date to register will improve as you earn more units and maintain your continuing full-time (12+ units) status, except
  • Once you earn 150 units minus Basic Skills (non-degree applicable) units, your date to register will drop to the bottom to of the continuing registration dates per new state regulations.
What if I am already a student at Foothill College?

If you attended both De Anza and Foothill colleges in the past, current enrollment at one campus does not automatically allow registration at the other. You must apply to each campus and be admitted in order to register for classes.

Register as soon as you can!
Register for classes as soon as the system allows for the best chance of getting into the classes that you need. Follow steps for how to register for classes.

General Registration Dates

See the Academic Calendar for registration start dates by quarter for each student registration status type.


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What is
Your Registration
Status Type?

New Student

You have applied for admission to De Anza College but have never registered for a class.


Continuing Student

You are enrolled at De Anza College and are attending classes for the current term.


Former (Returning) Student

You have attended De Anza College before but are not attending classes for the current term. If you are a former student, you must reapply for admission to De Anza to register for classes for the upcoming term except if you skipped summer session from spring to fall.

High School Student

You are concurrently enrolled in high school and De Anza College.

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