Staff and Organizational Development

Professional Development

First Year Experience Program
for Classified Professionals

A review of Employment Practices that most directly affect new classified staff: Probation, Permanency, In-Service Training, Holidays and Vacations, and Working Hours. Adequate time will be available for contract questions and answers.

Ergonomics is the study of how we interact with our physical environment, including our tools, equipment and furniture, and how we use those items to complete our tasks.  This interactive workshop will help you evaluate your work area, chair, desk and computer setup and suggest ways to create effective and healthy work practices.

In today's service-oriented economy, providing excellent customer service is of paramount importance. While many good customer service training programs abound, this program takes a specific focus: How should an employee respond when a customer is unduly demanding, rude, abusive or potentially violent? This program provides tips on communication skills employees need to defuse these tense situations and practice a problem-solving approach in addressing the customer's complaints.

Interacting with students, faculty and staff with disabilities: strategies for front-line staff. Presented Disability Support Services and the Educational Diagnostic Center, this workshop will familiarize participants with resources that are available through these two De Anza College programs.

This is an interactive workshop which will help classified professionals understand the concepts of cultural competency.  We will assess our strengths and weaknesses, in relationship to cultural competency, as well as learn and share those strategies that will help us to move ourselves and those we serve towards competence.

Using a Work Style Sheet, participants will discover if they are more task-oriented or people-oriented and how that affects their work habits and relationships.

This workshop, presented by Mary Kay Englen, provides a review of the PGA application, covers eligibility requirements, and defines what constitutes professional growth activities for classified staff. There will be adequate time to answer your specific questions about filing a PGA application.

Getting closer to permanency, staff will become eligible to apply for ACE Conference Funding. This workshop describes the application and award process and a short overview of how to complete a trip voucher upon return from the conference or activity.

The dynamics of today's work force are changing rapidly. The old rules and structures are disappearing or being redefined. It is possible for workplaces to have four different generations on the same work team sharing the same space. Each generation brings their own values, rules and styles, which sometimes can leave conflict and unproductive competition in its wake. This program can help participants understand generational differences and offer tips for creating a harmonious workplace.


Building: Media and Learning Center, room 246
Contact: Mary Kay Englen
Phone: 408.864.8322



Last Updated: 7/21/16