THE MOON - New Show
Content level: 1st grade to 3rd Grade

Have you ever wondered what makes the Moon so special? Apart from the Sun, the Moon is one of the brightest objects in the sky and it’s the second place, other than the Earth, that humans have set foot. Come and learn about the Moon’s phases, craters and other characteristics that make the Moon a very special place.

Produced and distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering

Content Level: 5th Grade to Adult

Narrated by award-winning actor, director, and producer Robert Redford.

Cosmic Collisions launches visitors on an awe-inspiring trip through space and time—well beyond the calm face of the night sky—to explore the hypersonic impacts that drive the continuing evolution of the universe. This new Space Show focuses on the full range of collisions, from catastrophic planetary impacts and the merging of massive galaxies to the continual explosions occurring in the center of the Sun and the incessant barrage of small ionized particles in the solar wind ricocheting off Earth’s magnetic field creating other-worldly conditions called “space weather"

Developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science; GOTO, Inc., Tokyo, Japan; and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China.

Exoplanet Adventure
(aka ExoPlanets: Worlds of Wonder) 
New Show
Content Level: 3rd to 6th grade

Follow mankind's first Space Probe as it journeys outside our solar system to the many new worlds astronomers are discovering beyond. Visit Gas Giants caught in a deadly dance with their host stars, frozen rogue planets hurling through space, molten rocky worlds now known to science and new planets drifting comfortably within the area around a star where Earth-like worlds may exist. Discover new insights about our own Earth, Moon, Sun and the remarkable Solar System we inhabit.

Produced by Tandem Motion Picture Studio

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The Magic Tree House®: Space Mission
Kindergarten to 2nd grade

In Magic Tree House® Space Mission, a mysterious “M” sends the intrepid Jack and Annie on a fun-filled journey to discover the secrets of the sun, moon, planets, space travel and more. Aligned with early elementary information skills learning objectives, this beautifully-produced show is a winner with Magic Tree House® fans of all ages and school audiences alike.
A Morehead Planetarium Production – Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.

The Little Star that Could
Kindergarten to 1st Grade

A story about Little Star, an average yellow star in search for planets of his own to protect and warm. Along the way, he meets other stars, learns what makes each star special, and discovers that stars combine to form star clusters and galaxies. Eventually, Little Star finds his planets. Each planet is introduced to the audience with basic information about our Solar System. Produced and distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering

The Secret Lives of Stars

4th grade to Adult Not all stars are created equal. Some are massive. Others are tiny; almost insignificant. The specific characteristics of a star will determine what type of life it will lead, how long it might live and even the type of death it will die. We will witness the amazing variety of stars and peer into their secret lives. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart of TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men films. An Evans & Sutherland Digital Theater Production.
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Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens
4th grade to Adult

Once a planet of great mystery, now we know more than ever before about its amazing system of rings, moons, and storms thanks to modern robotic space pioneers. From its bizarre moons with mysterious features, to the millions of icy particles that compose the enigmatic rings, this is the three-dimensional tour of the Saturnian system that goes beyond the CG experience - It's like flying piggyback on the Cassini spacecraft! Experience an immersive exploration of one of the most amazing and dynamic planetary collections of our solar system.
A Clark Planetarium Production - Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.

Zula Patrol:
Under the Weather

Kindergarten to 1st Grade  

Join the Zula Patrol on an expedition as they tour our solar system trying to find their loyal pet Gorga. In the process, you will learn about different types of weather on earth and the other planets as well as the similarities and differences between both. Don’t miss the surprise at the end! A Spitz, Inc. Production – Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Kindergarten to 1st Grade

Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with two young adventurers, Marcus and Bonnie, and experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system's planets with guidance from “Astronomy Book” - a character personified by a wise, kind old man. It's not until the end of the adventure when you find out what the true secret of the rocket is - something that makes this apparently impossible trip to the edges of the universe and back become possible. A Clark Planetarium Production


Earth, Sun & Moon
3rd to 5th Grade  

Explore the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions who has many misconceptions about our home planet and its most familiar neighbors. How do the Earth, Moon and Sun work together as a system, and what is the myth and science behind it? Why does the Sun rise and set? Why do we see different constellations during different seasons? What is an eclipse? Learn about the Moon's phases and orbit. Explore past and future space travel to our Moon and beyond. A Morehead Planetarium Production – Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc

Legends of the Night Sky: Orion
2nd Grade to Adult

Orion is one of the most prominent Constellations in the winter night sky. With its famous belt made of three stars, it is sure to be one of your favorite constellations. Come join us as we take an imaginative look at the story and legend of Orion, the Great Hunter of the Winter Sky. This show is ideal for family audiences. Produced and distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering

the plnaets

The Planets
3rd to 5th Grade

Presented in the style of a game show, the Planets tests people’s knowledge of the nine planets in our Solar System. The audience finds themselves transported from planet to planet, immersed in spectacularly different environments. Show includes information on the history of astronomy and planetary sciences.   A National Space Centre Production – Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.


Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure
3rd Grade to Adult

 Travel from the outermost reaches of the solar system faster than the speed of light, taking in the wonders of the planets and their moons, from Pluto to Earth, zoom past planets revolving above you. See the ringed systems of the outer planets and the detail of various moons, all digitally rendered using real images from satellites. Finally, return home to Earth and contrast our home planet with the other worlds you've explored.   A Denver Museum of Nature & Science Production .

Two Small Pieces of Glass
3rd Grade to Adult

How did the telescope help us understand our place in space, and how does it continue to expand our knowledge of the Universe? Learn about the history and discoveries this wonderful tool has made in the past 400 years. How do telescopes work? How do observatories in the world use them to explore the mysteries of the Universe? Explore the Galilean Moons, Saturn's rings, and spiral structure of Galaxies, as we learn about the discoveries of Galileo, Huygens, Newton, Hubble and many others. An Imiloa Astronomy Center, Carnegie Science Center & Interstellar

4th Grade to Adult

The exploration of space is the greatest endeavor that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What does it take to become an astronaut? Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut as this latest immersive planetarium show takes you from Earth into Space and beyond. Explore the amazing worlds of the microscopic regions of the human body to floating around the International Space Station. Narrated by Ewan McGregor A National Space Centre Production – Distributed by Sky-Skan Inc.


Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity
5th Grade to Adult

There’s a place from which nothing escapes, not even light, where time and space literally come to end. It’s at this point, inside this fantastic riddle, that black holes exert their sway over the cosmos … and our imaginations. Mathematical equations, cutting-edge science, and Einstein’s theories fill in holes along the way providing the most complete picture yet on this mysterious phenomenon. In this show, you will zip through otherworldly wormholes, experience the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy, and witness the violent death of a star and subsequent birth of a black hole. Narrated by Liam Neeson. A Clark Planetarium Production

5th Grade to Adult

Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. New stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the Universe. Journey to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of STARS. Narrated by actor Mark Hamill. Produced by Sudekum Planetarium and NSC Creative – Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.

Moons: Worlds of Mystery
New Show 
Content Level: 5th grade to adult

Immerse yourself in the amazing diversity of moons and the important roles they play in shaping our solar system. Follow in the footsteps of astronauts to our silvery Moon then venture beyond to unfamiliar and exotic worlds. Journey to the outer planets and their moons, returning home with newfound wonder about the dynamic and intricate solar system in which we all live.

Produced by Charles Hayden Planetarium, Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.


Extreme Planets
5th Grade to Adult

For centuries, humanity has wondered whether we are alone in the Universe. Now, we are finally one step closer to knowing the answer. With the discovery in 1995 of the first planet orbiting another star, we now know that planets are not unique to our own Solar System. In fact, these "extrasolar" planets now appear to be quite common.

In this newest original production, we'll explore what makes a planet "Earth-like" in the first place. And we will take an immersive full dome tour of several worlds that just might fit the conditions we're looking for. A Clark Planetarium Production

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System
General Audience

Investigate the boundary between our Solar System and the rest of our galaxy in IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System. Designed for visitors with an appreciation for space science and a desire to learn more about science research, IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System follows the creation of NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX). Audiences will get an in-depth look at the mission and how IBEX is collecting high-speed atoms to create a map of our Solar System's boundary. Narrated by two inquisitive teenagers, audiences will hear from the scientists and engineers that developed the IBEX mission and created the spacecraft, and get the latest updates on the mission's discoveries.


Content Level: 2nd to 5th Grade

In this multi-media planetarium show about the science of aeronautics you will discover the science of flight through the eyes of a young girl and her grandfather as they explore how birds, kites, planes, and models fly and imagine where flight might take us. Learn about famous inventors and aviators of the past and the pioneers who first revealed the 4 forces of flight and how NASA is discovering new and safer ways to travel with the help of future engineers and aviators—like you!

Produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in partnership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and WFYI Productions with funding through NASA’s Competitive Program for Science Museums and Planetariums.