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These are the courses offered through the Physics department. If you want to know when a course is being taught, see the searchable Schedule of Classes.

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PHYS 2A General Introductory Physics517-18

PHYS 2B General Introductory Physics517-18

PHYS 2C General Introductory Physics517-18

PHYS 4A Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics617-18

PHYS 4B Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Electricity and Magnetism617-18

PHYS 4C Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Fluids, Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics617-18

PHYS 4D Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Modern Physics617-18

PHYS 10 Concepts of Physics517-18

PHYS 50 Preparatory Physics417-18

PHYS 77 Special Projects in Physics117-18

PHYS 77X Special Projects in Physics217-18

PHYS 77Y Special Projects in Physics317-18

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