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Strength Development

Strength development courses are offered throughout the day and most evenings. The weight room has a full compliment of machines and free weights to met almost anyone's needs. You must be signed up in a strength development class in order to use the weight room and can only use the weights during your class time.

If you desire more time, consider fulfilling the prerequisites for the Lifetime Fitness Center (PE 070A and P E 071). Once you have completed these 2 classes, you may sign up to use the fitness center each quarter and structure your workout to the hours of operation.

There are also some of the conditioning classes that will help you to improve muscle strength such as Core Conditioning and Body Sculpting. PE 04XX is designed for athletic team.

PE 004 - Strength Development

An introduction to the discipline of Physical Education through strength training. Includes rules, equipment, facilities, etiquette, safety and technique of strength development, and a brief historical examination of how strength training has changed due to the influence of individuals, their countries, and their styles of lifting techniques and strategies. The development of skill and technique and adaptations based on the physical ability, age and gender of the individual student will be encouraged. Students will review and apply basic exercise physiology, nutrition, flexibility and strength concepts to improve their physical condition.

Physical Education
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