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Online Orientation for CIS -D21JA-64Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
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Instructor Clare Nguyen
Office Hours M-Th, check green sheet
Office Location F51-O
Office Phone 408-864-8461
A Message from your Instructor

Welcome to the Spring Quater and to the Intro to 8086/IA32 Processor Assembly Language course. My name is Clare Nguyen and I look forward to working with you in this class.

Student Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Understand assembly language concepts and terminology
  • Create, use, and understand data types, formats, number systems used in assembly language
  • Increase knowledge of microcomputer architecture, X86-based processors, and operating systems
  • Write, link, run, test, and debug programs written in X86 assembly language

    Required technology and course material

    To access class material, participate in discussions, and complete lab assignments, you will need:

  • Access to a computer with the Windows operating system
  • Access to the Internet
  • An email address
  • The textbook Assembly for x86 Processors, 6th edition, by Kip Irvine
  • Microsoft Visual .NET 2010 Express with MASM 8.0, which is a free download from Microsoft

    Detailed instructions on downloading, installing, and setting up the Microsoft IDE with MASM will be given at the start of the course.


    To prepare for this class, you need to have completed an intermediate level programming course in a high level language, preferably in C.
    At De Anza College, this course is CIS 15BG.


  • There are 3 exams in the quarter: 2 midterm exams and 1 final exam. The exams are on-campus and you will need to show a picture ID before taking the exam. The exam dates are shown in the class calendar, which is also available on the class website on Catalyst.

  • This online section runs in parallel with a hybrid section, where students meet for a limited time on campus. You are welcome to attend any meeting time of the hybrid section

    More information on the class syllabus is on the green sheet.

    Questions or comments, send me an email at

  • Hours of Study
    Be prepared to spend a minimum of 15 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
    How to get started in your course
    Because you are in the online section, you do not need to show up to the first day of class
    However, the class is full and has a full waiting list, so if you are already registered for the class, it is important that you finish your "check in" steps on or before the due date: April 10, 2013

    To check in to the class:
    - Finish this orientation by clicking to continue though all the pages until the last page
    - Log in Catalyst and read the Getting Started document
    - Do the Check Quiz

    Note that the due date to complete these steps is Wed. April 10. If you are registered for the class and you haven't completed these steps by the end of the due date, your spot will be given to a student on the waiting list.

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