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Online Orientation for BUS -D059.-64Z
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Instructor Gary Niedermier
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Welcome to Promotion for a Small Business. I look forward to working with you as entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. My assumption is that you currently work for yourself, want to work for yourself, or at least want to look at what is involved in promoting an enterprise of your own. Congratulations--you have just taken the first step toward becoming an independent businessperson.

My background includes six years with an investment banking firm, twenty years in marketing and sales for hardware/software manufacturers in silicon valley, and co-founding eOnline, Inc. a software services company dedicated to the SAP marketplace. I have worked with Fortune 500, mid-sized, and start-up companies, all in the area of marketing or sales.

My purpose with this class is to examine the various ways you may be able to use the internet to promote and advance your business. I believe your textbook, eMarketing, by Rob Stokes and the Minds of Quirk to be exceptional. It is well constructed with an amazing amount of "useful" information that you can tap into and actually put to work immediately for yourself. It addresses the "here and now" of marketing. Your telephone/computer is usually no more than three feet away from you most of the time. eMarketing goes into strategies that take advantage of peoples obsession and reliance on communication devices. Marketing through these devices gives small businesses relatively inexpensive ways to reach consumers from a broad base and to track and evaluate the success of various marketing approaches. In the past, this has been the weak spot in most marketing programs. Now, there are ways to remedy that weakness.

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Textbook: eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing, v. 1.0

Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 8 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
My requirements for this on-line class are similar to standard classroom courses. The main difference is in how they are delivered, both from me to you and you to me. There will be three exams during the quarter. Each exam is composed of 105 questions and will cover four (4) chapters from your textbook. The exams are two hours in length and given over a 24 hour period so that you may choose when you wish to take it within that 24 hour window.

In addition, there will be a project where each student will produce a promotion plan for a specific business. The final plan being completed and due during the eleventh week. At the end of most chapters you will have a case study to read and an associated question to answer based on the information from the study. This assignment is due each week and is a check-off item. When turned in, you get a check next to your name.

Your grade for this course will be based on the two highest grades of the three exams (lowest grade will be dropped), getting fully checked off on your case study assignments, along with the grade for your promotion plan. Remember, the main purpose of this course is not only a grade, but to help you develop a business strategy that will make your small business a success and lead you to a better lifestyle and higher standard of living. That is the main goal of my course.

STUDY HABITS: YOU NEED TO HAVE DISCIPLINE This is a required trait if you want to own/run your own business----no one is looking over your shoulder. You should set up a schedule for chapter reading. The first week is heavy on the reading assignment, but it should get your head into the course right away. Take it in small chunks and it is easy----leave it all to the end and it is less easy. It is up to you, but consider this---you need discipline to do a great job running your own business. Check the syllabus for specifics and allocate your time accordingly.

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