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Online Orientation for CIS -D108.-64Z
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Instructor Contact Information
Instructor Mark Sherby
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Office Location F-51d
Office Phone (408) 864-5471
A Message from your Instructor

Welcome to CAOS 108/CIS 108, Personal Computer Security Basics. It is my pleasure to be your instructor for this course. I have been offering technical courses at De Anza since 1991 and am very excited about teaching this security course. I have developed all the material contained in this course and have filmed all the lectures. There is NO textbook required for this course!

In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of personal computer security concepts using video lectures and course materials that I have created. As you will soon discover, our course lectures are designed and presented in a very easy-to-understand format. My course motto is: "Learn a lot without a lot of hard work!" I will try to uphold this idea in this course by making it as easy as possible for you to learn and apply the information in a practical way. This course has been structured to ensure your success. In the past students have found this course to be enjoyable and engaging, and have discovered the important relevance of this timely and interesting subject matter. I know you will too!

Do you want to know the difficulty level of this course's tests and lectures? If so, read what other students are saying about this class. CIS 108 Student Survey Results.

If you need to add this course (i.e. you are not enrolled), please complete this Online Orientation and submit the Student Information Form. Next, email me ( to request an add code.

Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
  • Apply for admission to De Anza College and register for this class, if you have not already done so. Completing this orientation DOES NOT enroll you in the course.
  • Complete all the steps in this Online Orientation.
  • Read the entire course syllabus by accessing Be sure to review the Course Calendar on the last page of the syllabus to start your assignments.

  • To prevent from being dropped from this course, be sure to complete the minimum course requirements which is located on the last page of your course syllabus (see week 1 Due dates).
  • To successfully complete this orientation, be sure to click (about 14 times) on the "Continue" or "Next" button found below. This will allow you to submit the Student Information Form!
Save Time, Gas and Money! In this course, we use a 100% Green Approach:
  1. No Textbooks (Instructor-generated course materials available online)
  2. No Traveling to Lectures or Exams (Instructor-generated course video lectures available 24/7 and exams available online)
  3. No Paper-Based Reading Materials (All course articles available online)
  4. No Paper-Based Assignments (All assignments completed & submitted online)

No worries for those students who prefer paper-based courses, all materials can be printed!

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