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Online Orientation for BUS -D085.-64Z
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Instructor Oduro 'Tach' Takyi
Office Hours Can schedule Chat Sessions for students on the Catalyst
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Office Phone 510-684-8960
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Hello, and welcome to Business 85, Business Communication Online. I am delighted to be your instructor for this course.

Other people's perceptions of your professional image are often influenced by your communication skills. Future bosses, teachers, or co-workers will not think you of as intelligent, competent, or credible if your speaking and writing abilities convey the opposite.

The purpose of this course is to acquaint you with the conventions associated with business communication as a genre and to enable you to apply these conventions effectively in a variety of business writing contexts.

Imagine I have hired you to be an intern at my consulting firm, The Boardroom Planning Group. You will be involved in writing business documents, preparing PowerPoint presentations, and performing much of the work that one might associate with an internship, including increasing levels of responsibilities.

As your supervisor I will be asking you to produce products. How you produce them is up to you, but when you produce them (due dates), and what essential expectations your products must meet (directions) are up to me. As the employer, I pay in points. Therefore there are no examinations in this course.

You must buy and read the assigned pages in the course textbook in order to be successful in this class. The textbook is M: Business Communication, by Marie E. Flatley, Kathryn Rentz, and Paula Lentz, (New York, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2012).

You can purchase the textbook at the De Anza bookstore. The best approach to this course is to first read the chapter for the respective week and then watch the Power Point once through. Then you may want to "Get Online" [Optional] for study materials including quizzes and Internet resources. The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University could also prove to be useful.

If you turn in someone else's work as your own, you will get fired. You are demonstrating intelligence if you use others' real-world examples to guide your products. Do your own work.

This is a junior level university course. I should not see misspelled words, or grammar errors. I should be able to review your presentation of content within the product much like a supervisor in the real world of business. I run a business in the real world and the last time I checked, my employees do not take multiple choice tests. They are paid for products that attract, retain, and develop positive relationships with customers, clients, providers and suppliers. You are paid for your products that should demonstrate mastery of the language and fulfillment (or exceed expectations) of the objectives, directions, or goals.

As your supervisor I am available to you, and as an intern I recognize some products may be new to you. Ask your questions in advance of deadlines, and plan for success.

Apply for admission to De Anza College and register for this class, if you have not already done so. Completing this orientation DOES NOT enroll you in the course. You must also take the steps listed below:

  • Complete the online orientation and submit the Student Information Form.

  • Read the complete course syllabus.

  • Obtain the required course materials.

  • Consult Lessons Plans & Assignments for the course in the syllabus.

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    Be prepared to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
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