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Online Orientation for CIS -D035A-63Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
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Instructor Cynthia Lee-Klawender
Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:20 PM (in AT203 OR F41C); Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:50 - 1:15 PM (in F41C) and 3:30 - 3:55 (in AT203 OR F41C)
Office Location F41C
Office Phone (408) 864-8609
A Message from your Instructor

Welcome to CIS 35A -- Java Programming. This course assumes you already know how to program in C or another procedural (non-object-oriented) programming language.  No prior knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming is assumed.  However, this course covers mostly Java syntax and only some Object-Oriented Programming.  How to solve problems in an object-oriented manner is covered minimally, but the examples in the materials and textbook should be enough to get a feel for it.


To prepare for the course, please take the following steps:


1.     This course is presented using the Catalyst system. If you are not familar with Catalyst, log onto Catalyst as soon as you get your account and learn how to navigate the system. Become familiar with how to get your assignments and submit your assignments.


2.     The lessons for this course are presented in HTML, so as long as you can read the Catalyst pages, you could navigate through the lessons. 


3.     Get the textbook (Pearson Custom) Computer Science, by Liang, ISBN 9781256824947,  published by Pearson (see the syllabus for more details) 


Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 10-12 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
Course Meetings
Meetings for CIS -D035A-63Z with Cynthia Lee-Klawender
Date Start End Room Meeting For
02/21/2013 06:30 PM 08:30 PM MLC-102 Exam
03/28/2013 06:30 PM 08:30 PM MLC-102 Exam
How to get started in your course
  • Apply for admission to De Anza College at register for this class, if you have not already done so.
    NOTE: Completing this orientation DOES NOT enroll you in the course.
  • Complete the Online Orientation and submit the Student Information Form.
  • This course is offered in Catalyst. Go to Bookmark this page, then follow the instructions logging into the class.
    NOTE: You will not be able to login to Catalyst until the first day of the quarter.
    For late adds, it will take up to one day after you register for your account to be created.
  • Obtain the required course textbook.

NOTE: You will not be able to login to Catalyst until the first day of the quarter. For late adds, it can take a couple of hours for your Catalyst account to be created, after you are officially enrolled in the class. Catalyst accounts are only processed during the business day; they are in a holding pattern nights or weekends. So if you wish to add, don't delay in processing your add code.

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