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Online Orientation for ICS -D003B-63Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
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Instructor Margaret Stevens
Office Hours I prefer emails to my De Anza Address..
Office Location F-21u
Office Phone (408) 864-8524
A Message from your Instructor

Welcome to World History 3B on-line at De Anza College. This class was previously a distance telecourse that required students to attend orientation and exams on campus. This class will now offer orientation and exams all on-line making it possible for the first time to serve the needs of distant students.

Be aware that all quizzes and exams have fixed dates and there will be NO alternative dates for any reason to make-up quizzes and exams. If you miss a quiz or an exam you will lose the points, so please plan accordingly. I will not remind you of the dates so please schedule your dates.

World history offers a global experience of vibrant cultures, societies, and civilizations of the past. This can be an exciting and rewarding experience for many students. However, for some students this can, because of the newness of the experience and cultures, offer some difficulties. So students must be prepared to study hard and to work consistently through out the quarter with the materials. In addition, as this is a class where you work on your own, studets musts also must be self-motivated. This is also difficult for some students.

I wish all of you success!

There will be weekly chapter quizzes except for the first week of class and mid-term week. Quizzes will take place on-line from Friday through Monday, ending at 5 PM Monday. No alternative dates will be provided. You will lose points if not completed during the test window. Questions will consist of multiple choice questions, true and false and matching questions. You can take pre quizzes for practice and post quizzes for extra credit.

There will be TWO exams. Both exams will consist of essay question(s). See Catalyst on-line material for exact dates. You will not be given the essay questions in advance but there will be a choice of questions. There will be no alternative dates so be prepared to answer exams when window opens. Please keep a schedule of these dates as I will not remind you.

There will be a Forum where you can have student-student discussions, and ask questions.

Please be aware there is NO ALTERNATIVE TESTING, NO exceptions. Please plan on taking your quizzes and exams early, do not wait until the last minute. If you do so, make sure you have an alternative computer available. If your computer crashes or fails you in any way there will be no other testing available to you. Being out of town does not count for alternative testing. Quiz scores will not be available until the quiz closes.

If you have questions you can the Forum or if you wish to reach me, please email me at my De Anza address, which is Or you may leave me a message on my De Anza phone but please do not email me through the catalyst web site as I CAN NOT respond to your email. It is a closed system.

Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
  • 1. Complete on-line orientation 1st week, due date is Thursday Jan 10th. Students will be dropped if not completed by this date. Online orientation is available through the Distance Learning website:

  • 2. Go to Catalyst to begin the course work. You can log on beginning at noon on the 1st day of classes, January 7th.

  • 3. Text will be available through the De Anza bookstore and on-line through the publisher as an e-text. Once you have the text, either hard copy or e-book, you will be ready to begin your study of ancient world cultures and civilizations. The e-book version will also contain volume A and C and ultimately is the best value but if you prefer a hard copy, De Anza Bookstore will have them. You are not required to buy anything else at myhistorylab.

  • Text is Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, The World, A History. published by Pearson.

    De Anza's custom edition is called The World/Meridians: Sources in World History, Volume B.

    To reach me, please email me at my De Anza address, which is Or you may leave me a message on my De Anza phone but please do not email me through the catalyst web site as I CAN NOT respond to your email. It is a closed system.

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