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Online Education Center Service Area Outcomes

What's SAO

Overarching, clear and assessable statements that identify and define what a student or client is able to know, do, or feel at the successful completion of a specific program, activity, or process

What do we need to do

  •     Write 2-5 SAO statements
  •     Develop assessment methods
  •     Carry out assessment
  •     Improve program

When we did what

  •     Complete writing statements by end of Summer 2009
  •     Brainstorm and develop assessment by end of Fall 2010
  •     Carry out 1 - 2 assessment pieces by Summer 2011 (Did short version of survey Fall 2010)

Action items for Fall 2010

  • Update student survey questionnaire (long version that was done 2007 by Institution Research)

Status: Pending

  • Create short version of survey for front desk and website

Status: Done as of November 2010. See

  • Report back to accreditation committee
Status: Included in Standard II. A.1.b

Online Education Center SAOs:

  1. For Students:
    To be able to successfully use OEC resources to take technology-mediated courses.
  2. For Faculty:
    To be able to successfully develop and facilitate technology-mediated courses.
  3. For staff and other clients:
    To be aware of the services and resources provided by OEC and use them to support college missions.

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