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Student Activity Reports

Reports let you see what each students has done and when. It is a very useful tool to see if a student has logged into the course, done a certain assignment or required activity, etc.

You can view the reports from Reports under Administration, or from Participants.

Using the Reports Tool

Admin menu

Make sure you select the right course. Then you can choose to see all activities for all participants for all days, or certain individual's certain activities at a given time. This is a comprehensive report function.

Reports view


Using the Participants Tool to Get Reports

From the Participants page, you can quickly see the last time people logged on right on the initial page. Click on a name and then the Activity Reports tab to display the summary activity log for that person. Click the All Logs link to see a very detailed listing of exactly when the student accessed different parts of the course, began or submitted quizzes, turned in assignments, and so forth.

IMPORTANT: The Participants page will sometimes INCORRECTLY report that a student has never logged in. This is a quirk of Catalyst (Moodle). Before dropping a student for having never attended your online class, click the student's name, then Activity Reports, then All Logs. That detailed log page should reveal whether the student has ever logged in and what s/he did.

reports from participants

individual activity log



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Last Updated: 1/27/16