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How to Add or Drop Students

New to Moodle 1.9, students' and other users' access is controlled through Assign Roles function. You can also do this through Participants.

Note: If you are using a meta course to run multiple sessions, you can only add/drop students in the CHILD course, NOT in the metacourse.
Since the Admissions and Records data and Catalyst do not automatically update each other, changes to student access to Catalyst are NOT reflected in A&R, nor vice versa. If you want to officially drop the student from your course, you still need to do so in the portal.


Within your course, click Participants from left navigation menu. You will see a list of participants. Click on a name. At the bottom of the screen you can click "Unenrol me from coursename" to unenrol that student.

Assign Roles

1. From the left navigation menu under Administration, click Assign Roles

Assign Roles button

2. Click on Students.

Assign Roles list of roles

You will see a list of the students currently in your course. Click on a name and drop him/her by clicking "Remove" button. You can select multiple studentsby holding the Ctrl key while clicking names.

Assign Roles remove students

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