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In each content block, you can add a resource or activity. You can click on the help icon help to see a list of what you can add.

Add a resource lets you add "static" content, i.e. a page or link. Add an activity lets you add content or tool with which you and the students can interact in or contribute to.

Add resourceAdd activity

Add Link to a file or web site. You can type in the link address or upload a file. You can upload your syllabus in Word, or lecture presentation in PowerPoint or PDF, etc. It's recommended that you make the file to open in a new window.

When you use files created with MS Office, note that if you use Windows Vista and the new Office version, the file extensions will be docx, pptx, etc. You have to save the file as a back-ward compatible .doc or .ppt to before uploading it into Catalyst. Otherwise your students might not be able to open and view them.

Add a link or file

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Last Updated: 1/27/16