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How to set up a simple Gradebook

Add items to be graded. These include assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc. To add one of these items, go to a block and click Add Activities. You will specify number of points for the graded items. In Quizzes multiple choice type of questions are automatically graded.

Add item


If you want to grade discussion forums, you will need to make sure that in the forum settings, the "Aggregation Type" under Grade is set to an appropriate type. Any type except for "Count of Ratings" or "No Ratings" would reflect your grading, if you only give one grade (points) per forum.

Forum setting for grading

After you create all the items, go to Grade from the left navigation menu under Administration. You will see the default simple gradebook. You can click to Show or Hide the range and average rows. You can also click on My report preferences to try and changes a few settings to see the differences.

gradebook 1

If you Turn Edting On, you will be able to put in grades, change graded item properties, change calculation, etc

The Course Total is a simple sum of all the items in the gradebook. This is set at the site level as default. After you enter the grades, the Course Total will be calculated automatically.


You can watch San Mateo Community College video tutorials under title 4 & 7.


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Last Updated: 1/27/16