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How to set or change Gradebook settings

This page will show you three areas where you can adjust the gradebook settings to your preferences.

The different tabs take you to areas where you can change the settings.


1. In Settings, you can change the default grades to show up as real grades (points, score), or as percentages or letter grades if you'd like.

Grades course settings


2. From Preferences you can fine tune some of the appearance settings if you don't like the default.

Don't forget you can turn on "Show Advanced" to see more options. You can choose to show/hide different things.

Grades preferences

3. The default Aggregation type for calculating course totals is Sum of grades. This will give you simply the sum. If you want to use average or other types of grades, here is how to do that.

In Categories and items, click the edit icon (hand) by the top level category, which is your course total.

Grades edit categories and items

You will see the tab by Aggregation contains a list of other types. CHANGE ONLY WHEN YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE THEM. You can research Moodle docs and forum posts about details.

Grades aggregation type

San Mateo Community College video tutorials include gradebook features.

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Last Updated: 1/27/16