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Catalyst maintenance request procedure
For faculty ONLY


If you want to use Catalyst for your live course for the upcoming quarter, you have to fill out the request form. Otherwise you will not have a live course to use. Remember, whatever you have on the development server or used on the live server in the past DO NOT automatically transfer over to the new quarter.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Log into the Catalyst Development server:
    Use your development server username and password.

  2. You will need to request “Activation” of each course you will be teaching using Catalyst for the upcoming quarter.
a. Click on the link for the Catalyst Activation Request System (ARS).
b. Complete the form. Courses you are officially scheduled to teach will show up at the top of the form. Select one course, then in the section below, select the source course or shell to create the new course from. Complete the remainder of the form.

If you do not see listed a course you are scheduled to teach, DON'T complete a custom request. Wait until the course has been entered into Banner, or contact Dave or April if it already has.

If you want multiple sections of a class or cross-listed sections combined into one Catalyst site, you will request a metacourse. Check all the sections you want combined. Only use the Notes field to clarify your intentions if there is something unusual about your request. A hidden Catalyst site will be created for each individual section that is part of the metacourse; these hidden sites are called child courses, and they exist solely to hold the class rosters for the individual sections. When you teach your class, you will use the metacourse for all content creation and editing, forum activity, and grading. You will access the child courses only to perform roster maintenance, such as removing students who have dropped or suspending the activity of those who have withdrawn. Students see only the metacourse.


  1. The Online Education office will email you to let you know when the request is due. You can also always check the homepage of the development server. Usually requests are due about six weeks before the next term begins. At some point after submitting your request, your source content from either your live class or dev server master shell will be captured and copied to make your new course(s) for next quarter. That means changes you make to the source after that will not be captured.
  2. When you receive an email indicating your course is ready on the live server, you may start making changes there. If you do not receive an email 2 weeks before quarter start date , contact us.
  3. Once your new course is activated, it is your responsibility to review your course as soon as you are notified that it is ready.

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