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Register for winter! We have the classes you need!

It's not too late.

Follow steps for enrollment.  Review important dates and deadlines for the quarter.

See tips below for getting the classes you need.

  • Click on the Course Notes iconcourse note whenever you see it in a searchable schedule result.
  • You can also select the NEW Department Print ViewGet a more detailed PDF listing that includes prerequisites, course descriptions and course notes in one view.

  • Use the Class Finder on your MyPortal Students Tab to find newly added sections for high demand courses.

If you can't find an open course to fit your schedule, you may add your name to a waitlist for the class that is already closed, if room is still available on the waitlist before the first day of the quarter.

  • If you experience problems when applying for admission, registering for classes or inside MyPortal, please fill out the A & R Help Form.

Be Prepared for the First Week of School

  • Female student with DASB cardDo you have an up-to-date DASB Card? Check ✓

  • Do you have your Clipper Card for using the VTA DASB Eco Pass? Check ✓

  • Do you know where to find the the ePrint stations for printing on campus? Check

  • Do you know the difference between the MLC and the MCC for getting to the first day of class? See our online campus tour. Check


New state requirements for priority enrollment are in effect for fall 2014. The changes are intended to

  • help new students get started by following important steps for success, AND
  • reward continuing students who are making steady progress toward their goals.

Once steps to get priority enrollment are completed, continuing students must enroll in – and maintain – 12+ units (full-time status) each quarter, excluding summer, to qualify for the best enrollment dates for the following term. See full details.

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