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For release: April 14, 1999

Corporations Donate Thousands of Dollars in Equipment
Cisco Systems and HP Support Technology Efforts at De Anza College

     De Anza College is furthering its commitment to provide students with up-to-the- minute technology through partnerships with industry giants Cisco Systems and Hewlett- Packard, both headquartered in Silicon Valley.

     Cisco, which commands 80 percent of the router market, recently donated 20 routers worth $150,000 to De Anza's Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department. That donation laid the foundation for a new student computer lab that opened in winter quarter and supplements Internet networking classes. The routers enable computers to communicate with other computers from anywhere in the world. "Our students benefit from this lab because they now have hands-on experience in addition to what they learn in theoretical networking courses," said Behrouz Forouzan, a CIS instructor who teaches in the lab. "The hands-on experience is what students need if they want to find a job in the industry."

     Furthermore, Cisco didn't just deploy the equipment and then step away. Through this academic year, the corporation is providing the services of a full-time Cisco engineer at the campus in order to speed up De Anza's Internet networking technology.

     In addition, Hewlett-Packard provided $75,000 in equipment for the CIS lab. "The HP donation helps our lab to become a more sophisticated learning environment for training De Anza students to work in the fields of networking and data communications," reported Anne Oney, dean of De Anza's Business and Computer Systems Division. "Those fields are the fastest growing segments of the information technology industry in Silicon Valley."

     The HP equipment includes two digital signal generators, two spectrum analyzers, two tracking generators, and two input/output generators plus the interfaces and ports to make all of the equipment work and connect to the rest of the CIS lab. Oney explained that De Anza students are able to use those devices to do encoding and decoding of signals, test the signals sent between different devices, and measure the performance of local and wide-area networks. Students also can obtain hands-on experience using the equipment commonly found in communications networks. "De Anza's new CIS lab housed in the college's state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center now offers students the hands-on experience they need to become more marketable in Silicon Valley," Oney concluded.