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Fall 2007/Winter 2008 Scholar Athlete Honor Roll

Congratulations to all De Anza College student athletes on this list!

In addition to the demands of a college athletic program and succeeding in the classroom, most student athletes work at least part time. These students epitomize the dedication, hard work and organization it takes to be a successful student athlete at De Anza.

Note: Student athletes must have passed 12 quarter units, 9 of which can be applied to their academic educational plan.

Fall 2007

GPA 4.0
Garcia, Jorge Men's Cross Country
Casas, Matt Football
Laffen, Marcus Football
Alvarez, Hiram Men's Soccer
DeCaro, Michelle Women's Soccer & Tennis
Williams, Leslie Women's Soccer
Okholm, Renee Women's Swimming
Garrett, Whitnee Women's Track
Suess, Jessica Women's Swimming & Water Polo
GPA 3.50-3.99  
Erlin, Tommy Baseball
Espinoza, Jaime Baseball
Kasinski, Alexander Baseball
Leeburn, Chris Baseball
Reinschmidt, Malte Baseball
Wells, Adam Baseball
Breneman, Geoff Men's Basketball
Singh, Rachminder Men's Basketball
Fields, Ranecia Women's Basketball
Sison, Edna Women's Basketball
Bridgewater, James Men's Cross Country
Hug, Charles Men's Cross Country
Munoz, Emanuel Men's Cross Country & Track
Pala, Ajay Men's Cross Country & Track
Vo, Louis Men's Cross Country & Track
Chaidez, Cynthia Women's Cross Country & Track
Tran, Vananh Women's Cross Country & Track
Vivit, Shelby Women's Track
Atajar, Arlan Football & Men's Track
Cruz, Daniel Football
Hyde, Marcus Football
Ashkar, Essam Men's Soccer
Thompson, Charles Men's Soccer
Geannacopulos, Amanda Women's Soccer
Heeb, Jessica Women's Soccer
Kute, Jennifer Women's Soccer
Stone, Casey Women's Soccer
Esteban, Lauren Softball
Reynolds, Chris Men's Swimming
Hudson, Charles Men's Track
Godjali, Albert Men's Tennis
Loi, Eugene Men's Tennis
Self, Neil Men's Tennis
Libman, Anna Women's Tennis
Weng, Samantha Women's Tennis
Atala, David Men's Water Polo & Swimming
Canning, Carl Men's Water Polo
Conti, Kevin Men's Water Polo
Arnolde, Nichole Women's Water Polo & Swimming
GPA 3.49-3.00  
Barnette, Kyle Baseball
Cala, Michael Baseball
Camarena, Michael Baseball
Flores, Robert Baseball
Moniz, Kalehua Baseball
Roby, Brian Baseball
Taubman, Erik Baseball
Wackerman, Jesse Baseball
Wagner, James Baseball
Williams, Benson Baseball
Sneed, Melvin Men's Basketball
Wilson, Roderic Men's Basketball
Goong, Melissa Women's Basketball
Rhett, Lisa Women's Basketball
Sanchez, Mia Women's Basketball
Kawashima, Craig Men's Cross Country & Track
Sommer, Aaron Men's Cross Country & Track
Sandoval, Angie Women's Cross Country & Track
Al-Khafaji, Muhammed Football
Delgado, Gabriel Football
Marchetti, Giovanni Football
Moustakas, Michael Football
Pham, Kevin Football
Sanchez, Erik Football
Staden, Chantz Football
Taylor, Lawrence Football
Timoteo, Jacob Football
Tucker, Nicholas Football
Alvarez, Gerardo Men's Soccer
Downey, Matt Men's Soccer
Huerta, Abraham Men's Soccer
Nissan, Raman Men's Soccer
Sousa, Paul Men's Soccer
Yakut, Ramsay Men's Soccer
Carter, Kelly Women's Soccer
Deangelo, Dominica Women's Soccer
Esquerra, Aracely Women's Soccer
Oliver, Nicole Women's Soccer
Sablan, Jennifer Women's Soccer
Sanchez, Jessica Women's Soccer
Macer, Monica Softball
Luu, Brendan Men's Swimming
Biocic,Dora Women's Swimming
Carter, Lauren Women's Swimming
Kwong, Yee Sheung Women's Swimming
Kim, Chris Men's Track
Lee, Stephanie Women's Track
Higa, Jovan Men's Tennis
Yu, Arthur Men's Tennis
Grunwald, Helena Women's Tennis
Osentowski, Sarah Women's Tennis
Smith, Leslie Women's Tennis
Cline, Jaime Volleyball
Hanshaw, Ali Volleyball
Finet, Steve Men's Water Polo
Tang, Klayton Men's Water Polo


Winter 2008

GPA 4.0
Adams, Travis M Baseball
Wackermann, Jesse M Baseball
Wells, Adam A Baseball
Sanchez, Jessica L Women's Soccer
Camburn, Michelle E Swimming & Diving
Azim, Shaherzad Track & Field
Hirohata, Shun Men's Tennis
Conti, Kevin W Waterpolo
GPA 3.50-3.99  
Cala, Michael Allan Baseball
Erlin, Thomas S Baseball
Camarena, Michael V Baseball
Casas, Matt D Football
Laffen, Marcus J Football
Loi, Eugene Men's Tennis
Self, Neil P Men's Tennis
Barcos, Kenneth R Swimming
Laforge, Justin S Swimming
Arakaki, Sarah A Swimming
Kwong, Yee Sheung As Swimming
Tenboer, Nathaniel A Swimming
Reynolds, Chris C Swimming
Biocic, Dora Swimming
Luu, Brendon T Swimming
Suess, Jessica S Swimming & Diving
Atala, David A Swimming & Waterpolo
Bridgewater, James K Track & Cross Country
Addison, Trevor G Track & Cross Country
Sandoval, Angie Track & Cross Country
Garcia, Jorge A Track & Cross Country
Tran, Vananh D Track & Cross Country
Tran, Daniel Track & Cross Country
Kim, Dong Jun Christ Track & Field
Atajar, Arlan C Track & Football
Cline, Jamie D Volleyball
Sanchez, Mia S Women's Basketball
Oliver, Nicole R Women's Soccer
Williams, Leslie J Women's Soccer
Deangelo, Dominica L Women's Soccer
Libman, Inna Women's Tennis
Ramans, Mercedes Women's Tennis
GPA 3.49-3.00  
Reinschmidt, Malte Baseball
Gill, Houston L Baseball
Barnette, Kyle L Baseball
Kasinski, Alexander Baseball
Leeburn, Chris W Baseball
Moniz, Kalehua A Baseball
Harlow, Steven J Baseball
Hall, Daniel R Baseball
Hug, Charles P Cross Country
Sanchez, Erik A Football
Lolling, Michael Vin Football
Ybarra, Daniel J Football
Fernandez, John A Football
Sneed, Melvin F Men's Basketball
Srour, Daniel G Men's Basketball
Gingrich, Kristopher Men's Basketball
Sousa, Paul A Men's Soccer
Thompson, Charles Ch Men's Soccer
Nissan, Raman E Men's Soccer
Alvarez, Hiram Men's Soccer
Dasari, Vinod Men's Tennis
Martinez, Nicholas E Men's Tennis
Taboada, Tyler J Swimming
Okholm, Renee A Swimming
Carter, Lauren Miche Swimming
Bristow, Jessie J Swimming & Water Polo
Decaro, Michelle M Tennis & Soccer
Munoz, Emanuel; J Track & Cross Country
Chaidez, Cynthia Track & Cross Country
Sommer, Aaron M Track & Cross Country
Rous, Darren B Track & Cross Country
Shakeri, Yasaman N Track & Cross Country
Paranthaman, Jessica Track & Cross Country
Kawashima, Craig T Track & Cross Country
Lowenstein, Sarah H Track & Field
Cadena, Monique Track & Field
Garrett, Whitnee L Track & Field
Mcclure, Robert C Track & Field
Villanueva, Maura Track & Field
Dela Cruz, Andrew F Track & Football
Lopez, David M Track & Football
Linduska, Anna L Volleyball
St. Clair, Connor A Water Polo
Canning, Carl R Water Polo & Swimming
Goong, Melissa A Women's Basketball
Fields, Ranecia D Women's Basketball
Sison, Edna Edwilina Women's Basketball
Mitsumori, Kaylin A Women's Basketball
Jew, Tiffany A Women's Soccer
Barnes, Brittany A Women's Soccer
Geannacopulos, Amand Women's Soccer
Yarber, Rachelle A Women's Soccer
Smith, Leslie Women's Tennis
Grunwald, Helena I Women's Tennis

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