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Men of Color Community (MC2)

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Our Mission:

The mission of the Men of Color Community (MC2) is to provide support and empowerment to Men of Color through active community engagement and facilitated mentoring relationships with student mentors, faculty and staff of color. The objective is to help students achieve success in all areas of their life as members of the De Anza College community.


About Men of Color Community (MC2)

MCwas created to address declining transfer and completion rates for men of color. The program provides the space and resources for men of color to succeed in college and beyond. Through cultural empowerment and community building, MC2 bridges the gap between the institution and the student. MC2 is inclusive of all ethnic groups in order to promote equality throughout society. The mission of MC2 is to provide truly equal educational opportunities for all.


Men of Color Community (MC2) services: 

- Counseling/Academic Advising

- Transfer assistance

- Scholarship and financial aid info

- Student-to-student tutoring and mentoring

- Help in maintaining priority enrollment

- Visits to transfer universities

- Workshops and special events

- Book Voucher program



If you have questions or are interested in joining the program please stop by the Outreach Office in the Seminar (SEM 3) Building or call 408.864.8327 or email:


All students are welcome to join MC2


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Men of Color Community
Phone: 408.864.8327
Location: Seminar 3

Last Updated: 3/6/18