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After a brief discussion of research findings from Ray Kaupp's research, participants will engage a discussion with faculty, researchers, and administrators regarding local success gaps, their causes, and possible solutions.  Faculty will be asked to share their success in helping close retention and success gaps and discuss ways that the college and our instructional faculty may work together to further close these gaps.


Ray Kaupp

Wednesday, February 22

3–4:30 pm

MCC Conference Room



link to study:     http://www.research.fhda.edu/documents/KauppJARCCdraft3.pdf


Online Penalty: The Impact of Online Instruction on the Latino-White Achievement Gap

Ray Kaupp

This explanatory, mixed methods study disaggregates statewide outcome data to assess the impact of online instruction on the achievement gap between White and Latino community college students, and examines factors contributing to this inequity. Online instruction was found to significantly exacerbate the achievement gap, with Latino students experiencing a nine percentage point lower success rate, grades that average two-tenths of a grade point lower, and withdrawal rates over twice as high, as Latino students in face-to-face sections of the same classes. 

Data for Foothill and De Anza Colleges will also be presented.


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