Learning Resources

Academic Services & Learning Resources Division

 Faculty and Staff



Ranck, Lorrie Dean of Learning Resources 408-864-8489

Corpuz, Annette

Division Assistant, Learning Resources & Library 408-864-8313


Technology Training Specialist 408-864-5399

Breault, Ed

Video Systems Engineer 408-864-5646


Alves de Lima, Diana

SSC, Co-Director: Language Arts, SS/Hum,

BUS/CIS, Languages and other subjects

Chang, Lena Library 408-864-8728
Dolen, Tom Library Coordinator 408-864-8764
Hui, Cecilia Library 408-864-8383
Swanner, Alex Library 408-864-8486

Garrido, David Instructional Designer 408-864-8970
King, Heidi Instructional Designer 408-864-5657
Vela, Jenny Instructional Associate 408-864-8490


Byars, David Sr. Library Tech, Library West Computer Lab 408-864-8581
Cardoza, Sandy Sr. Library Tech, Library West Computer Lab                                (On Professional Development Leave until June 31, 2018) 408-864-8771
Hatt, Lisa Sr. Library Tech, Cataloging 408-864-8459
Kavanaugh, Nate Sr. Library Tech, Circulation 408-864-8759
Kirkpatrick, Keri Sr. Library Tech, Circulation 408-864-8763
Lam, Tracy Sr. Library Tech, Acquisitions 408-864-8439
Munson, Kathy Sr. Library Tech, Information Desk / Inter-Library Loan 408-864-8335
Thai, Trung Library Computer Operations 408-864-8438
Thanh, Quang Library Computer Operations 408-864-8494


Aguilar, Melissa Co-Director and Supervisor: Math Science & Technology 408-864-8683
Blackborow, Sandy Instructional Support Coordinator 408-864-8852
Dowling, Patrick Administrative Assistant 408-864-8682
Huynh, Chanel Instructional Support Tech: Math,Science & Technology 408-864-8681
Kahler, Victoria Instructional Support Tech: Language Arts 408-864-5753
Kuo, Yuan Instructional Support Tech: Math, Science & Technology 408-864-8683
Pham, Stephanie Skills Coordinator 408-864-8253
Suda, Kanako Instructional Support Tech: Language Arts 408-864-5385



Learning Resources Division

Contact: Annette Corpuz Division Assistant        Phone: 408.864.8313


Last Updated: 9/13/17