List of Projects for 2004-2005

 Major De Anza Research Projects

# Project Title Date Link
01 Master Plan Update 04-Feb-05 Stats pdf
02 Counseling 100X 04m Persistence 01-Jul-05 Stats pdf
03 Distance Learning Business Success 25-Mar-05 Stats pdf
04 Enrollment in Biology Courses 20-Jul-05 Stats pdf
05 10 Year Dept Projections 01-Jul-05 Stats pdf
06 K-12 Student Enrollments 2004-05 04-Feb-05 Stats xls
07 Enrollment in Paralegal 14-Dec-04 Stats pdf
08 Winter 2005 Enrollment Update 14-Feb-05 Stats pdf
09 Enrollment in Science Porgrams 28-Dec-04 Stats pdf
10 Positive Attendance WSCH Estimate Analysis  06-Apr-05 Stats pdf
11 FH and DA Expenses 09-Feb-05 Stats pdf
12 FHDA Drop for NonPay 05W 01-Feb-05 Stats pdf
13 GPA Analysis 22-Feb-05 Stats pdf
14 Attempted Hrs F1 2005W 24-Jan-05 Stats pdf
15 Business Enr F1 Visa Holders 07-Feb-05 Stats pdf
16 Japanese F1 Enr 2004F 19-Oct-04 Stats pdf
17 Non Resident Tuition 2004F 08-Oct-04 Stats pdf
18 F1 Demographics 2005W 28-Jan-05 Stats pdf
19 IPBT Dept Review 08-Feb-05 Stats pdf
20 IPBT Employees by Job Group 14-Feb-05 Stats pdf
21 IPBT Expendture Analysis 20-Jan-05 Stats pdf
22 IPBT Faculty Load Analysis 28-Jan-05 Stats pdf
23 ES 1 Course Taking for LinC 14-Feb-05 Stats pdf
24 Master Plan Progress 27-Jan-05 Stats pdf
25 Media Survey Report 05W 21-Jan-05 Stats pdf
26 League MPS Presentation 07-Mar-05 Stats pdf
27 Non Credit Courses 01-Jul-05 Stats pdf
28 Nursing Survey on Tech Employment Transition 25-Apr-05 Stats pdf
29 Nursing Cost Analysis 01-Jul-05 Stats pdf
30 Faculty Overload Assignments 04-05 03-May-05 Stats xls
31 Placement Statistics 04F 07-Apr-05 Stats pdf
32 Plus Minus Grading Pilot 04F 11-Feb-05 Stats pdf
33 Counseling Division Appointment Activity 28-Feb-05 Stats pdf
34 4 and 5 Unit Courses Scheduled 07-Jun-05 Stats pdf
35 Self Study Demographics 10-May-05 Stats pdf
36 Non Resident Tuition Estimate 04-05 28-Apr-05 Stats pdf
37 Financial Aid Outreach Presentation 23-May-05 Stats pdf
38 Accreditation Self Study Standard I Co-Chair 01-Mar-05 Stats link
39 Assessment of New Biol40a Placement Exam 07-Apr-05 Stats pdf
40 Student Financial Aid Second Quarter Extract 22-Feb-05 Stats pdf
41 Student Financial Aid Third Quarter Extract 12-May-05 Stats pdf
42 State of the College Graphs 27-May-05 Stats link
43  Data on Basic Skills Success 07-Mar-05 Stats pdf
44 Applicant Yield Rates, Fall 2004 07-Nov-04 Stats pdf
45 Biology 40A Placement 22-Jul-04 Report pdf
46 Cupertino Sunnyvale Student Demographics 11-Aug-04 Stats pdf
47 Scheduling and Registration System Report 23-Apr-04 Report pdf
48 Forum Classroom Utilization 06-May-04 Stats pdf
49 Business/Systems Distance Learning Success 11-Aug-04 Stats pdf
50 Concurrent K-12 Enrollment 12-Aug-04 Report pdf
51 Drop Add Simulation, Fall 2004 31-Aug-04 Report pdf
52 Census Enrollment Comparison, Fall 2003-04 26-Aug-04 Report pdf
53 Enrollment Comparison Methodology 26-Aug-04 Report pdf
54 Older Adult Program Enrollment 14-Sep-04 Report pdf
55 Psychology Enrollment Trends 02-Sep-04 Stats pdf
56 Summer Enrollment Trends 02-Sep-04 Stats pdf
57 Foothill Library Data for Survey 18-Aug-04 Stats pdf
58 Massage Therapy Program Demographics 18-Aug-04 Stats pdf
59 Estimated Costs for Nursing Program 09-Jul-04 Stats pdf
60 OTI Enrollment and Demographics 01-Sep-04 Report pdf
61 Puente Program Success Rates 2003-04 06-May-04 Stats pdf
62 Financial Aid Awards Fourth Quarter, 2004 18-Aug-04 Stats pdf
63 State of the College Supporting Materials, 2003-04 06-Jun-04 Report pdf
64 State of the College Report, 2003-04 06-Jun-04 Report pdf
65 Social Sciences Division Indicators 10-Sep-04 Stats pdf
66 Course Success by Ethnicity 16-Apr-04 Stats pdf
67 Tech Prep Enrollment 2003-04 25-Aug-04 Stats pdf
68 Transfer Report (Draft), Spring 2003 19-May-04 Stats pdf
69 Trio Grant Statistics 18-Aug-04 Stats pdf
70 Open Media Lab Hours Spring 2003 25-Oct-04 Stats pdf
71 Stanford Good Work Survey Support 28-Oct-04 Info pdf
72 Accreditation Employee Survey 02-Nov-04 Report pdf
73 Accreditation Student Survey 05-Nov-04 Report pdf
74 Highest Enrolled Courses 2003-04 03-Nov-04 Stats pdf
75 Standard I Self Study Team Information fall 2004 Info link
76 IBPT Minutes 2003-04 15-Aug-04


77 MPS Report 2003-04 14-Sep-04 Stats pdf
78 International Student Trends 14-Sep-04 Stats pdf
79 International Tuition Revenue Estimate Fall 2004 14-Sep-04 Stats pdf
80 LinC Stats 2003-04 14-Jan-05 Report pdf
81 Survey of Fall 2004 Applicants Not Enrolling 14-Sep-04 Stats pdf
82 Summer 2003 Counseling 100X Students (Draft) 14-Aug-04 Stats pdf
83 Courses with Enrollment Over 1,000 in 2003-04 08-Nov-04 Stats pdf
84 Financial Aid Awards 2004 End of Year 13-Sep-04 Stats pdf
85 Financial Aid Awards First Quarter 2005 15-Nov-04 Stats pdf
86 Fall 2004 Distance Learning Census Enrollment 14-Nov-04 Stats pdf
87 Town Hall Enrollment Action Update 22-Nov-04 PPT pdf
88 Enrollment Summary for La Voz 15-Nov-04 Stats pdf
99 Demographics by Division-Employment Office 15-Nov-04 Stats pdf
90 Language Arts Course Success 15-Nov-04 Stats pdf
91 Syracuse LinC Survey Data fall 2004 Stats xls
92 Spring 2004 WAT Pilot Report 01-Dec-04 Report pdf
93 Unofficial Data from Goodwork Survey Fall 2004 Report pdf
94 De Anza Diversity Survey Report 08-Dec-04 Stats pdf
95 Foothill Student Right to Know Data 15-Dec-04 Stats pdf
96 2003-04 Financial Aid Scholarships by Ethnicity 21-Dec-04 Stats pdf
97 ESL and Reading Placement Score Regression 07-Jan-05 Graph pdf
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