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De Anza College Student Financial Aid Statistics


This page contains information on selected student financial aid statistics. With state mandated increases in fees, financial aid has become increasingly important in helping students achieve their educational goals. As the first chart shows, the dollar amount of financial aid increased about 2 million dollars from 2002 to 2003 and is expected to grow even larger this year. The number of students receiving a state fee waiver increased by 23% from 2002 to 2003.

The population of students receiving financial aid awards has a much higher percentage of students indicating Vietnamese as their ethnicity, than is found in the overall De Anza student population. In addition, I higher proportion of students receiving aid live in the east san jose area - out of the De Anza Service Area, than the overall student population.

SFA Awards 2002 and 2003
Awards Graph

Ethnicity of SFA Students
Ethnicity Graph

SFA by Hours Attempted
Hours Attempted Graph

SFA by Zip Code Group
Zip Code Group Graph

First Quarter 2004
Second Quarter 2004 FHDA Comparison (pdf file)

SFA Report Methodology (pdf file)

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