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June 22, 2011

IMPACT AAPI Final Report September 2011IMPACT AAPI releases its Final Report - September 2011 PDF icon





June 22, 2011

IMPACT AAPI Spring 2011 NewsletterIMPACT AAPI releases its Spring 2011 Newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2011 PDF icon




March 15, 2011

IMPACT AAPI Winter 2011 newsletterIMPACT AAPI releases its Winter 2011 Newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2011 PDF icon




June 9, 2010

IMPACT AAPI Spring 2010 NewsletterIMPACT AAPI releases its Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2010 PDF icon

March 5, 2010

IMPACT AAPI releases its Winter 2010 Newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2010 PDF icon

October 27, 2009

IMPACT AAPI releases its Fall Newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Fall 2009 PDF icon

IMPACT AAPI presents: Student Stories

Meet our students! We asked students from our grant-supported classes to share a little about where they're from, why they're here, and what they hope to accomplish. Student Stories

August 26, 2009

Student brochure graphicAre you a student looking for a cool class that also fulfills a transfer-level English requirement? An instructor or advisor who knows a new student who would enjoy or benefit from IMPACT AAPI's classes and student success programs?

This student-facing brochure outlines all our student programs and classes, with a handy timeline of activities for long-term planning.

IMPACT AAPI's Student Outreach brochure, available for download:
Student Outreach - August 2009 PDF icon

August 6, 2009

Our summer grant-supported class, APALI Youth Leadership Academy '09, is just wrapping up. Learn more about the intensive 15-day program, and see photos of the students, interns, and instructors, in class and out.

APALI Youth Leadership Academy 09

APALI Youth Leadership Academy '09 Facebook Page
(no login required to view)

August 1, 2009

Want to learn more about IMPACT AAPI? Check out this newly released Grant Overview brochure. Great for anyone who wants to learn more about the grant but doesn't know where to start.

IMPACT AAPI's Grant Overview brochure: Grant Overview - July 2009 PDF icon

[March 5, 2010: Grant Overview has been updated to reflect staffing changes.]

June 26, 2009

LART 211 (Honoring Our Stories: From the Bay Area to Southeast Asia and the Pacific), our first grant-supported class, has just finished.

LART 211 Spring 2009 Class Photo

Visit the LART 211 Facebook page to see photos, assignments, and read the moving spoken word poem that class mentor Jim Nguyen wrote and performed the last day of class.

LART 211 Facebook Page (no login required to view)

IMPACT AAPI participated in a webinar featuring five of the six pilot AANAPISI colleges and universities. It was hosted by South Seattle Community College, as one of their AANAPISI grant activities. Over 70 people, including De Anza's grant Program Officer in Washington D.C., attended the session. A recording of the webinar is available at:

May 6, 2009

IMPACT AAPI released its Spring 2009 Newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2009 PDF icon

November 11, 2008

IMPACT AAPI released its first newsletter: Quarterly Newsletter - Fall 2008 PDF icon

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