Hope-De Anza

Hope-De Anza Program

Vocational Preparation

The De Anza Program at HOPE offers Job Preparation Services, Work Adjustment Services, Employment Support and Specialized Projects in the community. Students participate in each according to their individual needs and goals.

Students enroll for specialized instruction that takes place in group classes and through one to one learning.  Hands on activities reinforce teaching and students participate in experiences both at the site and in the community to apply the skills they have learned.

Job Preparation Services

Vocational Planning
  • Individualized assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Personal vocational profile
  • One to one career advisement
Skills Level Development
In a number of interest areas, there are individual and group activities to
  • assess
  • develop 
  • promote student skill levels
Job Seeking Skills Training
  • resume building
  • completing master applications
  • one to one interview skills
  • professional conduct and communication skills
  • basic computer skills training
Personal, Vocational and Social Adjustment
  • Identification of personal barriers to successful employment
  • Individualized skill development to assist in building self-confidence, self-esteem and self-advocacy
  • Liaison and coordination with California State Department of Rehabilitation

Production Work Opportunities

Students participate in a variety of paid production work.  Students develop skill sets to work independently or in a team.  They learn to responsibly use gravity feed or mechanical conveyors in a production line.  Because HOPE seeks to provide a variety of production work, specific tasks vary by site and often changes.  Some examples of production work students may do are to


  • assemble components into kits
  • package and place products onto pallets
  • build boxes and inserts from flat stock
  • sort and collate material into mailers
  • organize large batches of mail to post office specifications
  • tear down of electronic components for recycling
  • repair bicycles
  • create tile squares per customer specifications
  • make jewelry
  • sew stuffed animals


Production Equipment Training

Students receive instruction in and the opportunity to master the use of various types of production equipment and  tools, such as

  • L-sealers heat sealers
  • paper tape dispensers
  • weigh scales
  • assorted screw drivers and other small hand tools
  • ovens with conveyor belts for shrink wrapping
  • tape guns
  • hot glue guns
  • pallet wrap dispensers
  • pallet jacks

Employment and Community Project Support

  • Strategy development to improve community job retention and enhance career advancement opportunities
  • Job analysis and creation of adaptive devices, if needed
  • Community-based work assessment, experience and follow-up
  • Individual and group instruction to reduce risk of victimization
  • Community service learning and participation, such as volunteerism, fund raising, civic responsibilities

Hope-De Anza Off-Campus

Contact: Monica Sheirich
Phone: (408) 282-0427


Contact: Chris Magnin

Phone: (408) 562-1834


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