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Freedom Poem

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Why is it such a drama?    
To let me do what I want to do?

By letting me make my own choices
Without having any interference from you

I could travel wherever I want to
I could perform in a circus act
I would be friendly and loving to everybody    
As that would be my special pact!

I imagine a world without madness,
There would be no more fear, no limits & no sadness

You would finally understand the answers to all questions
No one would dare tell you what to do!

I imagine a world full of peace and freedom
How about the rest of you?


Two more poems are available to read, Screamtastic and Lights, Camera, Action

To purchase the book , go to www.blurb.com.  Search for "Whittier Poetry Writers" in the "search box" at the top right of the Blurb home page.

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