Information for Faculty

Information for Faculty

Getting Started with Course Studio

What is Course Studio?

Course Studio is an easy-to-use system inside password-protected MyPortal that enables faculty to share course information with students enrolled in a class.

  • Post course syllabus
  • Share documents and photos
  • Manage threaded discussions
  • Publish links to resources
  • Post class news and announcements

Follow steps below to activate the Course Studio home page for any course that you are scheduled to teach for the upcoming term.

Step 1 Find the My Courses Channel

  1. My Courses / Course Studio LinksLog in to MyPortal.
  2. Click on the Faculty tab.
  3. Find the My Courses / Course Studio Links channel.
  4. Click on the My Courses / Course Studio link.
  5. Note: You'll also see links to a  Quick Start Guide (PDF) and Course Studio resource page, which includes Tool Overview and Set Up guides. Be sure to check out these materials!

Step 2 Activate Course Studio

  1. Select the Course Schedule term for the course that you want to activate.

    My Courses

  2. Set Course HomepageClick the grey edit buttonedit button located to the left of the course title.
  3. Select Luminis Platform.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Again you should see the list for Courses I'm Teaching.
    Note: Course Studio can be turned on for an upcoming term about two weeks before student registration begins. A student will see the link to your active Course Studio AFTER she has registered for that class.

Step 3 Test that Course Studio is Active

  1. Financial Accountg IIClick on the blue Course Title link for the course that you just activated. You'll see your Course Homepage.
    Note: If you see the "Course Communication (Web-Based) Tool Not Linked" default page, make sure that you are clicking on the course title that you activated or try activating it again.

Step 4 Start Using Course Studio!

  1. Once Course Studio is successfully activated for a course section, you'll see your Course Homepage when you click on the course title.
  2. Go to the Course Studio resources page for materials on how to configure and manage Course Studio. Scroll to See Helpful Information for user's guides.
  3. The example here shows steps to add your course syllabus or another file. (See Course Studio Quickstart Guide for details.) Note: File upload limit has been increased to 25 MB per file and 250 MB total.

Manage Course Homepage

Need Help? Course Studio Technical Support

If you experience difficulty activating Course Studio while following these directions, please contact the ETS Call Center to report the problem.

Information for Faculty
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Last Updated: 12/1/14