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How to Apply for Aid

The Steps to Financial Aid . . .

To begin, read our Financial Aid Guide (PDF) and watch our short Getting Started video. Then follow the steps below.

Financial Aid Guide


Step 1 Complete the FAFSA application either online or by paper.




Step 2 Wait for your application to process.

  • Wait for the processing of your application, about two to three weeks. After that, you should be receiving two emails.
  • One is from the US Dept. of Education containing your Student Aid Report.
  • The second email is from De Anza College Financial Aid Office indicating that we have received your FAFSA data and have identified supporting documents needed to continue processing your application.
  • Instructions are given to see your status online system. A postcard is mailed to applicants without an email address.

Step 3 Drop off required documentation to Financial Aid Office.

  • Drop off the required supporting documents and any requested copies of Federal Income Tax Returns with the receptionist in the Financial Aid Office.

Step 4 Wait for review process.

  • Wait for the reviewing process. After reviewing the supporting documents, other essential documents or information may be requested in order to obtain a complete view of the student's circumstances.
  • The verification review will not be finished until essential documents or information is provided by the student (and parent, if applicable).
  • Awards made after the review process are posted on the online system, usually within three weeks.
  • For students awarded a Direct Loan: You may accept the loan online and follow instructions to our complete an entrance interview and Master Promissory Note.

Financial Aid
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