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To be eligible to receive Financial Aid Funds, students need to qualify by doing the FAFSA/CA Dream Application and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The Federal Pell Grant is money that a student does not need to repay, unless subject to Return of Title IV. The student must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

The enrollment status of the student, i.e. full time, three-quarter time, half time or less than half time and the student's EFC will have a proportional effect on the amount of money a student will receive.

The Federal SEOG is also a program that does not need to be repaid. The student must meet the minimum eligibility requirements, be enrolled in at least 6 units, and funds are awarded on a funds available basis. This program is designed for students showing exceptional need and Pell Grant eligibility.

For more information on Federal Grants see the Federal Student Aid Website.

The State of California sponsors several grant programs for undergraduate students. These include the Cal Grants. To qualify for any of the state funded grants, a student must be a California resident, enrolled at least half-time (6 units or more) be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, obtain a social security number and be attending (or plan to attend) an eligible institution in California.

A student may receive only one Cal Grant, either Cal Grant A, B or C. Once you are awarded a grant, you may check your status on-line. The three grants are targeted to assist three distinct groups of applicants and are mutually exclusive. Cal Grant A provides tuition assistance for a student attending a four-year institution, Cal Grant B is subsistence assistance for entering community college students and Cal Grant C is awarded to community college students majoring in certificate programs. The enrollment status of the student i.e . full time, three-quarter time or half-time will proportionately affect the amount of money received by eligible students.

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a program funded by the State of California. The program is designed to encourage students who are academically and economically disadvantaged to enroll and succeed in college. The EOPS program is a combination of registration, counseling and peer advisement services.

The program offers grants to a limited number of students. Eligibility for the grant is determined by the Financial Aid Office. All students wishing to apply for the EOPS grant must first complete the federal financial aid application. Students interested in the EOPS program should call (408) 864-8950. Students receiving Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) should also inquire about the CARE program by calling (408) 864-8219.

Financial Aid
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