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Linda West - Computer Information Systems

Computer Literacy -- CIS4


Do not start this course until the quarter begins. YOU MUST COMPLETE WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT BY SATURDAY at midnight OF THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL, OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED.

    1. Print and read the Course Syllabus
      NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 below are also listed at the END of my SYLLABUS in step 1 above as well.
    2. Print and follow the step-by-step directions to purchase and register your SimNet course software.
      VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: Your instructor is Linda West--NOT Mark Sherby.
    3. Print and follow the step-by-step directions on how to begin and navigate your SimNet course.
      IMPORTANT: Be sure to perform step 2 above before doing Step 3.

email icon Email: Linda West
phone icon Phone: 408.864.8754

Computer Information Systems

Last Updated: 6/21/16