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Music 1A
Introduction to Music


De Anza College
Introduction to Music: Music 1A
Summer 2015

Instructor: John David Thomsen
Required Text: Music: An Appreciation, 7th edition (with 4 CD set) by Roger Kamien
Place:  A-11
Time:  T, TH (8:30-12:20)

Course Description: Introduction to music is designed to provide students with the listening and analytical skills fundamental to the understanding and appreciation of music in modern western culture as well as non-western cultures. This course covers the basic elements of sound, the basic elements and characteristics of the music studied (specific to each era), the important forms and styles (specific to each era) as well as the important composers from each of the major periods of music history.  The successful student will emply a basic vocaulary of common music terms to describe observations of recorded and live music.  Additionally, the successful student will recognize individual instruments and voices and the various ensembles in which they are used. 

Prerequisites:  There are absolutely no musical prerequisites for Introduction to Music.  However, 
English Writing 211 and Reading 211 (or Language Arts 211), or English as a Second Language 272 and 273 is advised.

Quizzes: Questions will be in the form of: short answer, true/false, essay and multiple-choice. All quiz questions will be based upon the required reading material, listening assignments and classroom discussions.
We will essentially have one extra quiz. This is like extra credit points so don't plan on missing a quiz.  Also note that the makeup quizzes are not scantron.     

In-Class Assignments/Activities: In-class assignments will be either completed in class or require being present for the in-class activity and therefore cannot be made-up. You must be present in class to receive credit for completed in-class assignments.  Some in-class assignments will be worth more than others.  Additionally, some of these assignments will require typing up the assignment at home after reviewing and discussing examples in class.

Late assignments:  If you know you will be absent on the due date for an assignment, you may mail your assignments to: John David Thomsen, De Anza College, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014. The date post marked on the envelope will be considered the date that the assignment was received.  Do not e-mail your assignments to me or give them to me on disk.  Assignments due on the last day of class may not be mailed.   

Class Participation: Class participation is required. This portion of each your grade is based upon the percentage of classes you actually participated in. This means that you will have points deducted for falling asleep, arriving late or leaving early . You will receive 3 points for each full week of class you participate in (or the equivalent of).

Final Exam: The format of the final exam will be short answer and will include all of the material covered from the reading assignments (Sections I-VII), listening assignments (all from sect. I-VII and some not from your CD set presented in class) as well as all classroom discussions from the entire quarter. The final exam is worth 50pts.

Report: Students are required to submit 1 report on a live concert. The body of each report must be at least 5 full pages long. The margins for the reports must be no more than 1 inch (top, bottom, left and right) and must be double spaced with font 12.  Concert must be verified as acceptable for reports before attending any concert. Please make sure that the concert you attend is an acceptable report before you attend the concert. Furthermore, please verify that the concert has not been canceled or postponed. The report is worth 50pts . Also note that the may not be mailed. The report must be handed in on the day of the final. 

Dropping: It is the student's responsibility to drop the course if dropping is necessary. Please refer to the class schedule for the deadlines. If any student forgets to drop the course before the deadline, the instructor will not sign a late drop form. The only exceptions to this are hospitalization (This requires a note from a doctor on letter head), death or incarceration all of which will need proof by documentation.   The last day to add or drop the class is July1st.  The last day to drop the class with a "W" is July 28th.  

Receiving an incomplete:  Students may receive an incomplete for the following reasons: hospitalization, death in the family or incarceration all of which will need proof by documentation. (If you miss the final exam for any reason, you will need to contact the instructor.) An incomplete does not take the place of missing assignments or a below average grade. The specific time allowed for students to complete the missing work will be discussed between the instructor and student. Please do not assume that you have a full year to complete missing work.

Cheating/Plagiarism: Don't do it! Cheating will result in an automatic F in the class. Submitting work that is not your own will result in an F on that particular assignment.

Grading:  (You may be able to accumulate more points than the total 250pts.)
Quizzes 100+ pts.        
Report 50 pts.  
Final Exam 50pts                    
Class Participation 30pts.               
In Class Assignments 20pts.
250+ = A+          250-232 = A   231-224 = A-
223-217 = B+       216-207 = B   206-200 = B-
199-192 = C+       191-175 = C
172-167 = D+       166-157 = D   156-150 = D-
149 or lower = F

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