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John Thomsen - Creative Arts

Music 12A
Class Piano I

Time and Place:  A-29  M, W, F, 10:30-11:20

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts:  "The Joy of First Year Piano" by Denes Agay ISBN 0-8256-8013-1

Required Materials: Manuscript paper.



Office hours: M, W  10:00 to 10:30, F 9:30-10:30 in A-29.  Please make an appointment. 

Important Dates:

Last day to drop without record is January 18th.  Last day to drop with a "W" is February 26th

The final exam will take place on Wednesday March 23rd at 9:15.

Class Attendance/Participation: Students are required to attend all classes and participate in discussions, group performing and other in-class activities. Credit for missed class participation cannot be made-up because it can only be done in class.  Students will receive 1 points for each full class they have participated in and only partial points if they arrive late or leave early.  Student may receive additional points for the written assignment completed during class (worth 1 point each). 

Practice:  Students are expected to practice an average of 30 minutes each day.  Practice rooms are available to students enrolled in performing music classes.  To receive the practice room key for the quarter, fill out the form (with the check) and turn in the form to the lock box at A-16th). 

Homework/Quizzes:   Homework and quizzes will be assigned weekly and will make up, along with class participation, a major portion of your final grade in the class. The homework assignment or quiz may be in written form or may be a performance in front of the instructor. All work and performances must be ready by the beginning of the class on that due date. Missed assignments may be made-up during the next class.  Each homework/performance quiz will be worth 1 point.  

Mid-Term and Final: (10pts. Each)  There will be one mid-term and one final. The format for the mid-term and final will be a performance for your colleagues. The specific works will be assigned by the instructor. 

Overall Goal:  The successful student will demonstrate the basic knowledge of music notation enabling them to find pitches to be played on the keyboard and for the amount of time suggested by standard proportional duration. Additionally, the successful student will be able to play major and minor scales up to four sharps and flats with a high degree of accuracy.  

Drop Policy:  Dropping a course is the responsibility of the student.  Students are enrolled in the course until they have followed the drop procedure. The instructor will not drop a student after the first day of instruction. The only exceptions to this are hospitalization (This requires a note from a doctor on letter head with contact information), death or incarceration all of which will need proof by documentation.

Receiving an "INC":  In the event of an emergency situation, where by a student misses the final, the last assignment or something of that nature, students can receive an incomplete so that the missing work may be made-up within a time frame discussed between the instructor and the student. An incomplete will not be granted because of poor classroom performance or missed classroom participation.  Additionally, the missing work must be completed by the following quarter of the academic year and must include some written documentation for the change of grade from the recorded incomplete.

98%-100% = A+    93%-97%= A    90%-92% = A-
87%-89% = B+      83%-86% = B    80%-82% = B-
77%-79% = C+     70%-76% = C
67%-69%= D+      63%- 66%= D  60%-62% = D-
59% or lower = F

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