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Concert Report Format - Music 1D

The assignment is to attend two different concerts and report on your experiences on each of the concerts.  Note that this is one report on two concert experiences.  These concerts must be events that you attend during the quarter you are enrolled in the class.  One concert must be classical and one must be either jazz, rock, non-western,  pop or hip hop.  Please remember that this is not a research paper and I want to read about your observations and experiences.  You may want to do research before attending any concert but be sure that what you report on is all your own.  Research information or information from program notes will not be considered part of your paper.  

The length of the main body for each report must be at least 3-7 full pages. Your report will be considered incomplete if you include a 3 inch margin on the first page or if the 3rd page is only ¾ full. The title page with your name, instructor's name, date and any other important information you wish to include, should be a separate page. Again, the length of your report must be at least 3-7 full pages. All reports must be double spaced as this allows room for comments to be written on your paper. Use 12-point font  (Times New Roman) with 1 inch margins (top, bottom, left and right) otherwise points will be deducted from your report (a full page of font 14 is not a full page).  You must include either the ticket/s to the concerts or the program/s or you will not receive a grade for the report.  You must staple proof of attendance to the back of your report.  Additionally, you must staple a copy of this page to the back of your report to receive any credit on this report. This multi-paged assignment must be stapled. 

What To Look/Listen For At The Concerts
t is not necessary to answer all of the questions in your report but this sample of questions should give you an idea of the kinds of observations you should be making.  

----How many performers were there?  What kind of music did they perform?  Where did they perform (perhaps consider the acoustical environment)? How did the performers behave while performing?  How did the audience respond to the performance?  Did the performers communicate with the audience and if so how obvious was this?  

----Which compositions/songs did you like/dislike and why (The why is the important part)?  What elements of the music did you notice (form, texture, melody, tonality, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, tempo, dynamic contrast)?

----What was the visual experience like?  For you was this relevant to the performance experience?   Was there a conductor or leader of some sort?  What was their role in the performance?  If there was a conductor, how did they communicate with the other performers?  Did the performers express any emotions and if so, how?  What was your overall impression of each of the concerts?  How did the performers dress and how was this relevant to the performance? 

Again, this is just a short list of the kinds of things to observe while attending each concert.  You will probably notice other aspects of the concerts not mentioned here. Please do comment on any points you feel are relevant to the concert experience.  But….please stay on topic.  Irrelevant information will not be included as part of your report.

Above all enjoy the concerts.  

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