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Artist Report Format - Music 1D

Oral Report on Artist or Group

Your report (oral presentation... not written) may be on any artist or group not covered in class.  You must have your topic accepted by the instructor before presenting your report.  Note that there will be a sign up sheet for first and second choices for presentation topics.  This will be made available as we near the last few weeks of the quarter.  The order of presentations will be determined by the instructor.  The individual artist may be a vocalist, composer, instrumentalist, producer, arranger or band (group).  These presentations will take place at the end of the quarter after all of the weekly quizzes have taken place. 

This is an oral presentation so please keep in mind you have a limited amount of time.  You must keep your presentation between 10-15 minutes.  You may include video or audio excerpts as well as other visual aids; this would actually be a good idea to do so.  Be sure to play enough of the excerpts you have to make your point but not so much that the example takes up to much of your presentation time.

You will be graded on the content as well as the delivery of your topic.  Additionally, you may have points deducted for lack of (or poor) participation as an observer of your colleagues presentations.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR OTHER ORAL PRESENTATIONS. 

Grading Breakdown:
30 points total

Content:  20 points
What were some of the influences on your artist or group?
How would you catagorize their genre?
How would you describe their "sound" in terms of:  instrumentation, choice of tempo, timbre, tonality, rhythm, meter, vocal delivery, lyrics, etc.?
Back up your description with excerpts that verify your point. 
If you include background information be sure it is relevant to your group's style/genre and not just trivial information.  Be prepared for some questions from either your colleagues or instructor. 

Delivery:  10 points
Be sure to practice speaking your presentation.  This is a big part of your delivery.  If the audience cannot hear you because you are speaking to fast or not loud enough the content was not presented.  The visual delivery is a big part of your presentation as well so be sure that you communicate the important details to your audience with some sort of visual notes.  The visual information does not need to be fancy but it should be informative.  Make sure your text is easy to read (make it large enough so that the person sitting in the back row can read it). 

You may use either the overhead document displayer or bring in a device to connect to the audio/visual system.  If you connect to the visual part of the system you will need an adptor that connects to the VGA plug.  You will have time before to examine the technology before presentation take place at the end of the quarter but keep in mind it is your responsibility to be prepared for your presentation.

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