I welcome you to my classes. I came to De Anza in 1989 and have taught English, Business, and Speech classes. I served for eight years as Dean of the Language Arts Division including one as Interim VP of Instruction. I am very pleased to be back in the classroom.

A retired Army Officer. I have done a lot of Sales and Marketing experience, and created a Hollywood film, FIRE BIRDS with Nicolas Cage, Tommy Lee Jones, and Sean Young. I have spent many quarters on Campus Abroad in Viet Nam, France, and England, and have lived in Asia, Africa, and Europe. I work with our Global Education Partnerships Program with sister colleges in Viet Nam, China, and soon to be added: Mexico and Belize.

My classes focus a great deal on your individual success and what it takes for YOU to create the choices in your own life that will allow you to prevail, rather then merely endure. These last words are William Faulkner's. I look forward to learning from you. Welcome.

Classes I Teach

Fall 2018

02685EWRT 1A14YComposition and Reading
23985EWRT 1A15YComposition and Reading
00915EWRT 22YCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking

Summer 2018

12611ELIT 101AIntroduction to Fiction
12606EWRT 1A1AComposition and Reading
12607EWRT 1C1ALiterature and Composition
12608EWRT 21ACritical Reading, Writing and Thinking
12609EWRT 77X1ASpecial Projects in English
12610EWRT 77Y1ASpecial Projects in English
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